The continuing death of journalism


They Disrespect and dishonour every sector of the science & research field; from medicine, to psychology & neuroscience, to physics, to environment.

Yet the conservatives are happy to accept the fruits of science’ research. Otherwise we’d still have a life span of 35 years and living in f*cking huts.

The conservatives always say they need to keep questioning science. Yet they have no idea about how critical scientists are of their college’s work. It’s the most critical field you will ever step foot into.


The Huns niche market is comparing anything to the AFL.


Some even change news outlets. Shocking, I know.


Un fkn but so fkn believable.


The best was when they did a list of the best 50 sports people (by John ‘Drive Through’ Anderson) and he put under Sam Kerr “How good would she be in the AFLW?”. Kerr replied “We’ll never know.”,


As newspapers and even TV has become more irrelevant and hence less profitable, journalists not only search out and report on stories, but write them, edit them, set headlines and even have to post/publish them as well.

I have had some horrible personal experience with both Fairfax journos and ABC reporters, so I am very biased in my views on these scum. As the Saga showed us, a headline and a story is more important than the truth. Fake news is a reality and trial by newspaper is just accepted as normal.

Now while I do try to bait El Trippo and his stooges mates, I really think that today’s main media journos have no political allegiance, they are just prostitutes for a story and a byline.


It’s a fair point. Nepotism is alive and well. Not just in the media mind you


‘Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has denied he drunkenly pinched a woman’s bottom after the accusation was made public seven years after it is alleged to have occurred.’

That’s the first par of the story.


How’s old Barney Bender going to remember a little bum pinch the night before let alone 7 years ago?


This is actually a headline, clicker-box on the Herald Sun:

James Bond’ volcano’s spectacular eruption

A VOLCANO which appeared in a famous James Bond film has erupted, shooting plumes of smoke and ash thousands of metres into the sky that grounded flights.

[■■■■■■’ superstar volcano, hasn’t got any parts in any movies since, so publicly blows his top.]




“Gone up in Smoke”

“For decades, most of us have thought the same way about cigarettes. But a new report could change all that.”

Article then goes on to talk about how vaping appears to be safer and heaps praise on Phillip Morris for researching and financing it. So, nothing to do with cigarettes being different to what we thought. Right.


I don’t know if this really fits the topic (i.e. the death of journalism), but this is hands-down one of the funniest articles I’ve read. some of the quotes are priceless (“How can one man be so lucky and unlucky in the one day?”) and as for the use of cola as a disinfectant…


“She was the one masturbating,” he said. “If she didn’t offer me nothing I wouldn’t have f***ing done it.”

Classic male response. It was her fault. I had no choice in the matter.


You forgot to include " Your Honour " in that sentence , Zimmer


‘your majesty’


The Korean tatt underneath his “White Pride” one is something.


Zero coverage of the Cambridge Analytica scandal in any of Newscorp’s subsidiaries.


Probably because it doesn’t involve My Kitchen Rules or Married at First Sight.

They also stayed silent on ‘The News Of The World’ Hacking, Snowden leaks, Panama papers etc…


There’s that. There’s also the fact that certain private organisations also employ them.