The continuing death of journalism


We need an Uprising


It certainly ain’t gunna get better for the great unwashed whilst the elites continue to have the power to manipulate the media promarily, which of course leads to the manipulation of our governments reps and their ■■■■ kissing public servants lining up to kick us ferals back into line.

Not sure if we need an uprising and culling of the elites / highly educated, just need to lop off a few heads to keep the bastards honest :wink:


From a caption on the online version of the SMH:

Lotteries are a sure way to earn big and easy money.


What does the great wakererly-winning gerard twately call us after last night?

‘Adrenaline Junkies’.

Classy, you pos.


Ohhhhhh. I get it.

What a ■■■■.


Is that was what Black Caviar was on?


Australian targeting female ABC journalists, Alberici and Tingle. Latest was about Alberici advertising on her Instagram account . But she does not have an Instagram account.


Conn of CA commends journos for their restraint in the Smith presser, which he stage-managed. No criticism of journos for asking Warner who else was involved and if he had ball tampered in the past, yet Warner gets slammed for not responding, other than to say that he was prepared to answer questions about his own role on day 3 . What else was he supposed to say?
No such questions to Smith.
Conn also stage managed the Warner presser. Warner is on second strike for criticising journos, after his $5750 fine in 2013 for criticising Conn ( then with News) and Craddock.


Gotta applaud BA for calling out journalists - Then again journalists are a microcosm of society which has its own issues.


Be very afraid.


Holy ■■■■. That’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a long time. And yet, I’m not in the least bit surprised.


So your saying that this is extremely dangerous for our democracy?


Interesting that this coincides with the recent confirmation that Christianity was fabricated by Roman politicians to get the outer reaches of the empire under control.


Yes very scary…indepence of the media is a pillar that most democracies are built on, but we all know that particular pillar crumbled in Australia around 2013 don’t we?


Been crumbling for a while. 2013 was more like pulverising the crumbs. Hasn’t gotten any better considering the further changes last year.


Two more journos leaving Fairfax, Gartell and Pascoe ( who was axed without warning). Who is left?


Celebrity financial advisor Henderson exposed at Royal Commission. He writes for Fairfax. Now wait for those Walkley award investigative journos at Fairfax to get on to it.


Yay. More articles about Kendal Jenner!


Chip applauding the ABC for standing up for Emma Alberici ( after she lawyered up that is).
No mention of the hatchet job on her by News and Fairfax doing the government bidding.


What happened re Emma ?