The continuing death of journalism


The government went ballistic at her critique of tax proposals the media followed suit and questioined her economic qualifications. The ABC admitted some mistakes but after she lawyered up put her critique back on line with some very minor amendments. The ABC recently put out a statement defending her.


If only the same could be done about the energy crisis and the absolute tosh the government say about that.


Admittedly this, from the Fin Review, is obviously direct from a press release from the company concerned, but still.

“”We’ve designed this with an eye to that ultimate outcome," Mr Halliwell said. “The future of the renewable energy market will require firming solutions for intermittent generators to transact advantageously.””

I’ve looked at it from every angle, but IFIK what a firming solution is. I’m assuming it’s not concrete.


Not sure who signed off on this headline…hehehe deutsche heads


Another Matthew Dunn article titled “Pirating just got a lot harder”.

Is it in his contract that he has to write a certain amount of these every year?


I’m not going to read the article, but I’ve actually found it getting a lot easier in the last 6-12 months.


Haven’t really tried for a while. I started reading the article and it was just full of the same threats about TV and movie firms and Hollywood having their revenge on everyone. Does he take his lines directly from the News Corp brass or the film production companies?


■■■■ me.


Recently our 8yo was involved in an incident that required the ambos to take him to hospital for a check up.
This wasnt an everyday kind of incident and the story even made the news in the UK and USA as well as all around Aus.
One media outlet reported it as a man fighting for life in a critical condition. Perfect example of trying to be 1st before being accurate.
The media had rung the ambulance looking for a story before we were 500m from home and we were doorknocked by 7,9 and 10 within a few hours. We declined any comment so it petered out to nothing thankfully but was a good reminder of how quick yet inaccurate the media can be.
SBS and ABC were the only ones who got the story as close as they could without our cooperation.

Nothing criminal or sinister in the incident by the way, just a freak occurrence


Holy fk, … is that for real??


Blatant lies and provocative symbolism. Whoowns that ■■■■ rag again?

It doesn’t look good that Hanson is wheeling and dealing and giving herself a tax break so I guess you have to spin it back on Labor somehow. Does it have to be so blatantly cheerleading though. As cringeworthy as “kick this mob out” the day before an election.



(Disastrous effects on whole coal businesses).


Fairfa, News Corp amd Foxtel (two thirds of which are the same thing) are calling for the ABC to be barred from digital platforms because it’s unfair. Maybe these ■■■■■■ outlets could lift their game and provide some balanced news?


Sorry, BSD, just saw that. Yes, sadly, it was. ■■■■■■■ disgrace.


If you’re not keeping an eye on the Murray-Darling Royal Commission, you need to be. Absolutely scandalous what’s been going on there. And the Libs have had the brass face to order the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to refuse to testify or cooperate with it.

And as far as I can tell, only the Guardian is bothering to cover it. Nothing about it even on the ABC website or Adelaide Now (even tho it’s a SA state-level royal commission)


ABC does regular reports, more extensive coverage on ABC rural


It does. For the most part, the folks who are invested in it are appalled. Then you get the deadshits who harp on about “its always been an ephemeral system”.


I was looking for it on the regular ABC site today, and couldn’t find anything. Happy to take your word for it though, I’m glad SOMEONE is paying attention to this stuff.


Go to abc site - and search Murray Darling Basin. Guardian is on a catch-up on older ABC reporting.