The continuing death of journalism


good to see you only want one view. i might not agree with some of those but free speech is both sides wether you like it or bot


I choose bot.


I choose the far right arsonist that served jail time.


Sky has put the Giles program in mothballs and has reshuffled some positions.
Triple J Hack and C7 also interviewed Cottrell.
The difference appears to be that Giles gave him an uncritical platform for his rants.


What the? News is marching further to the right here with nothing pushing back the other way. Fairfax under the eye of Peter Costello at Nine. Stokes with Seven. News Corp. Guthrie overseeing the ABC. Radio already largely ■■■■■ but will become more concentrated. Now Win turning into Sky? What’s left? CBN bought Ten. SBS and The Guardian Australia and Crikey of which many don’t even know exist.


Well there is Facebook to push the anti Vaxxer and Qanon angles.


Let’s not forget chemtrails.


Nah that’s bullshit. Free speech has ■■■■■■■ limits, and giving a person who is a violent criminal and a Hitler sympathiser is way beyond said limit.


I’ve got a feeling Dutton thinks exactly the way Cottrell does.


Just realises he can’t say it all the same way without backlash.



I don’t know where to begin.

But I’d like to point out that Mark Knight’s idea of black kids fashion is wearing caps like it’s 1990. Says a lot about Mark Knight.


Fkg disgraceful


Looking at long term implications with regards to influence on the electorate, Sky News is far more dangerous than any number of teenagers of any background.


Exactly. You either believe in freedom of speech or you don’t.
Freedom of speech used to be kept in check by outmoded concepts called manners, respect and consideration for others.
Now we apparently need censorship to stop people offending each other.


I really don’t like the term “free speech.” I don’t think there is freedom of speech. There are degrees of tolerance and permissiveness of speech within certain legal and social boundaries. You can’t say anything you want without some potential consequences. And rightly so in my opinion.


I don’t think any of this is true, to be honest.

Absolute fundamentalist freedom of speech hasn’t happened and that’s a good thing. I reckon EVERYONE could nominate some types of speech that is destructive or dangerous enough to get the law involved. I don’t think it’s a great idea for anyone to be ‘free’ to post detailed instructions for brewing biological weapons on the internet, for instance. There’s the whole ‘shouting fire in a crowded cinema’ thing. Does ‘freedom of speech’ mean that it’s perfectly ok for me to publicly claim (without any evidence whatsoever) that the cafe down the street that competes with mine bulks out their coffee beans with rat crap? Or that my political opponent (or ex-spouse) is a pedophile? Defamation, perjury, incitement to violence, grooming underage kids for sex, false advertising - all of these established laws are restrictions on funadmentalist ‘free speech’, but I reckon in most cases they’re pretty uncontroversial.

As for the manners, decency, and respect for others thing - well, in principle, this would work, but i’d argue that it never, ever happened in reality. Respect and decency tended to be reserved for the groups that were in power, while those who weren’t not only copped the rough end of the pineapple deep inside someplace where pineapples were never meant to go, but their pineapple-copping was so completely ignored by the groups in power that people can now look back at some mythical past of respect and politeness as if the pineapple never happened.

Tell me when this golden era of politeness and decency was? In the 50s, where expressing communist ideas would bring the state down on you like a tone of bricks? Any time before the civil rights/racial justice movement got going in the 60s/70s, where racism against indigenous people was endemic? In the 70s/80s, where admitting publicly that you were gay could lose you your job (and probably get the crap beaten out of you, which the police wouldn’t bother to investigate)?


When the compliant media go along with a stitch up of Emma Husar and wreck her career, as well as allowing her to be hounded and vilified. The sexual allegations were found to be baseless and her workplace practices don’t seem to be that much different from many other pollies.
None of the MSM journalists bothered to question the veracity of the leaks or question the motive for the leaks.



Pack of moralless ferals.


All on the Herald Sun site on one day:


CHAMPAGNE TASTE FASHION and travel aren’t Dustin Martin’s only off-field indulgences — the $8 million marquee player has developed a taste for some of the finer things in life, revealing that Melbourne’s priciest restaurants are among his favourite.

TIGER ROARING DUSTIN Martin and model Elissa Burns might be at pains to say they are not seeing each other. But we hear the Richmond recruit has been in hot pursuit of the Melbourne-based Vivien’s model.

Dusty ‘stripped and ripped’ in new Bonds campaign
UNDIES CAMPAIGN RICHMOND champion Dustin Martin is ‘stripped, ripped and inked’ in his undies for a new Bonds campaign. SEE THE PICTURES/VIDEO