The continuing death of journalism


Its a Murdoch rag; what do you expect?


Are we the only species to go backwards in evolution?



Serious answer, no.
For a given value of ‘backwards.’
Apparently tigers and their prey went backwards and forwards on tooth size and toughness of skin when the extremes became too silly to survive.
Also, elephants are supposedly on at least their second trip out of the ocean.


It is my personal belief based on circumstantial pseudoscience that we are simply a sub-species of dolphins that didn’t evolve quite as well as them once we came back out of the seas.

Those guys have fingers and a pelvis. It’s odd.


There’s a word for…seperate but identical evolutionary features.
I don’t discount the theory entirely, because I don’t know anywhere near enough about it, but it seems unlikely.
I thought it went fish, lizard, possum, ape.


I don’t know anything either.

That order seems right. Short version in my “theory” is:

It got hot.
Apes moved to oceans.
Kept hair on our heads for offspring to cling to.
Developed webbing between toes and fingers (the hell we need those for?)
It cooled down.
Some of us came out: Apey-human types.
Some stayed in: became Dolphin types.
We can’t find the “missing link” because it’s under the water.
People love dolphins.
Dolphins have pelvis and kind of hip things. (the hell they need those for?)



So if we find Atlantis, we will see it was populated by the missing link?





Convergent evolution.

You are cute when you try to be sciencey. :wink:


I do enjoy science for stupid people books.
And hearing from people who know what they’re talking about.

So is a (closer) human-dolphin link theoritically possible, or not?


We ought to recognise this form of bias. That’s when the media reigned down and said whatever they liked to complete a ready made narrative. Happened about five years ago. Why is anyone surprised?


No, I think that is not possible that humans evolved from an aquatic ancestor related to dolphins. The more common “aquatic ape” hypothesis is also highly unlikely.

Dolphins are actually more closely related to hippos. You could consider that (ancestors of) hippos are halfway between (ancestors of) elephants and dolphins.


I think I know some people just like that.


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CSanctimonious so-called serious journalists now dumping on Alice Workman of Buzzfeed for reporting the leaked allegations about Emma Husar. They all know what goes on in offices and let Trurnbull make a song and dance about what Shorten knew. No linking in reporting to what Turnbull knew about Joyce , let alone to the high staff turnover in Cash’s office.
They should be ashamed of themselves, but they won’t be.


I get that a lot.


Work experience kid on Graphics at the ABC today??



“The man is perceived to be caucasian in appearance with a thin build, and was wearing a dark hoodie and black pants.”


■■■■■■ Asians are the trouble!