The continuing death of journalism


Good to see that one of our Cheer Squad members got a job at the ABC.


Historic take.


Vitriol directed at the ABC. I wonder why,


The ABC news is ■■■■ now. Dumbed down to below the level of the commercial stations.

If you want to see news the way the ABC ought to do it, watch SBS.

The only thing ABC news is doing well is the weather. Paul Higgins is terrific. Oh, and Alan Kohler is amusing in his 2 minutes about finance.


I would choose to use the word ‘fu.ckwit’ offensively to describe this man.


Just the other day, I called my toaster the N word.


What’s Rowan Dean’s history? What rock did he climb out from under?


Did he burn it again?


Today’s edition of Murdochracy:



You’re fking joking??

These prick’s have no shame at all, … zero!


“We don’t always get things right here but we do always try our best,” she told listeners.

Maybe you do, Ali, I haven’t listened to you.
But the ABC is not immune from biased reporting and presenters’ agendas. At least, the dickheads that send you abusive texts do not have the platform you do to give their opinions. Bigger platform - greater responsibility.


I’m just a bit amazed presenters don’t have a producer or assistant to filter out the filth and bile, & personal attacks, and pass on all worthy courteous opposing & agreeing feed back.

Why/how do they have to read/see it? It’s not worth their time, or their sanity, and only encourages the pidicked ugly gutless trolls.

Funding cuts??


Ugh. Here we go again.


Janet Albrechson on the IPA Board, also on a panel advising Fifield ( Communications Minister) on shortlisting for the ABC Board.


Fark these ■■■■■■ off. They’ve already damaged the ABC significantly


‘Breaking the cycle of youth violence before it begins.’



Yeah, that’s going to resonate with readers. Australia is one of the least religious countries.


Lol, … hardly exclusive given thousands saw the clip 12 hrs plus before the rag was delivered, … and, … isn’t that exactly what the Taxpayers in part fund the ABC to do, … take the pizz out of the Pollies? Point out their fkn Hypocrisy and satirise it?

Been going on for decades, … what is the sudden issue with it at the Toiletgraph?

Not to mention their own blatent hypocrisy exemplified with those two front pages, …





This is what they’re on about btw, …

Australian Politics, Mark II