The continuing death of journalism


So annoyed that show’s been cancelled.
I think they said they have five shows left.


Cant read the articles but two headlines on the HUN website.
“Major telco merger could spark price war.” and then just 2 stories down the headline “Vodafone,TPG merger could end cheap deals”
Well which is it?


It “could” be either.


I always thought less competition lead to more cooperative, “cartel” like behaviour meaning higher prices.






When discussing the latest NRL scandal, Channel 7 showed game footage where the entire field was blurred.
Every player from both teams.
So we couldn’t identify who plays Rugby League?

That was weird.



Clip isn’t as funny as the comments are depressing.
Yes, my own fault for reading them.


I can’t post a link, but from p 15 of today’s Hun:

Headline: Ban for Masseuse

Para 2: Masseuse Michael Sergidis is under investigation.

I did initially vaguely wonder whether Michael the Masseuse might actually be female, but no. Later there’s a reference to “Mr Sergides’ … business”.


Sexiste! Putain!

Was he a blonde?


Editing just isn’t a consideration anymore.

EXCLUSIVE A CARPARK on the doorstep of Victoria’s parliament has been turned into a drug den by destitute men living rough and using heroin in public, with the Herald Sun witnessing two men injecting heroin and living rough.



isn’t that normally done when they do not hold broadcasting rights?


Oh, those rough and homeless men!
Why won’t they consider the sensitivities of us civilised people? Disgusting!


I can just see the next part.

“The rough heroin users were living. Publicly, the users were injecting roughly while living destitutely.”

It’s no different to a year 8 kid padding out an assignment they haven’t done any work on and getting picked up on it by some hack teacher. These adult “professionals” get paid for this.


“Why don’t they go somewhere else and shoot up?”

“Ok, we will build a safe injecting room so that they can be overseen while doing it, ensure that they don’t OD and minimise the risk of transmitting blood borne infections”

“What, so should taking drugs just be legal? I don’t want that in my suburb…”

Repeat ad infinitum.


They could always just plant metal spikes everywhere these filthy peasants camp.


They can’t do that - they are too busy putting them in strawberries.