The continuing death of journalism


Yep. Interviewing airheads half the world away for another vacuous event is surely better than curing cancer, or negotiating world peace.

How did we get to this point?


By paying attention to such things.

Ignorance is bliss y’all


Shocking article on Steve Smith yesterday in a Murdoch rag


Such a poor article.

This article is a great rebuttal

Steve Smith drowning his sorrows? Not so much, say witnesses

Sporting News Australia was also a guest in the VIP lounge and saw Smith sitting quietly on a lounge.
Steve Smith Manly cricket
A leading player manager and cricket official has defended Steve Smith’s behaviour after accusations the former Test skipper went on a boozy 12-hour bender at the weekend.

Manly-Warringah Cricket Club president Andrew Fraser, who manages Test spearhead Mitchell Starc and his wife Alyssa Healy, plus national women’s captain Meg Lanning, was with Smith for the duration of the night in question and claims the banned cricketer was ‘in good spirits and in control all the way’.

He disputes a Daily Telegraph report that Smith was ‘bleary-eyed’ and ‘unsteady on his feet’ after ‘a massive 12-hour bender drowning his sorrows’ following a club match.

Photos obtained by Sporting News Australia show Smith at 4.35pm and 10pm looking relaxed and composed.

REDEMPTION: How Steve Smith is winning back the public

Fraser even went to the trouble of writing a letter to the top brass of Australian cricket, praising Smith after he had helped his grade team Sutherland to a T20 win over Manly earlier in the day.

“I’m not sure why Steve would have been drowning his sorrows. His team had enjoyed a good win, he’d scored some runs and the big crowd gave him the warmest of receptions,” Fraser told Sporting News.

“He had a couple of drinks in our VIP area and then joined a group of us for dinner. It was all very civilized and controlled – it was hardly a bender.”

“I actually think the whole day was a really good and positive experience for him after all that’s been going on and it’s disappointing to see it reported this way.”

Fraser invited Smith and club teammate Ben Dwarshuis to Manly Oval’s VIP area following the game and the pair spent the afternoon mingling with guests while keeping an eye on Australia’s fortunes in the ODI in Perth.

Sporting News Australia was also a guest in the VIP lounge and saw Smith sitting quietly on a lounge and enjoying a drink while still dressed in his Sutherland gear.

He later took up an offer from the Manly club president to join them and 30 other guests and sponsors for dinner at Manly Wharf restaurant Hugos.

Hugos closed at midnight, with Smith, Dwarshuis, Manly captain Jay Lenton and his fiancée Gemma walking up Manly Corso to organise taxi and Uber rides home.

Gemma is the ‘mystery brunette in the black bra’ spotted leaving Hugos with Smith, as described in the newspaper report.

In his letter to leading cricket officials the day after the T20 game, Fraser wrote: “As you’re aware, our club hosted a T-20 Premier Cricket double header yesterday. Steve Smith featured in the first match for Sutherland v Manly.

“He received a loud applause from the Manly locals when he went out to bat (very rare for a parochial northern beaches crowd!) but it was what happened after his dismissal, that impressed all who were there.”

“He sat on an esky in the sun for over an hour, posing for photos, signing autographs for people of all ages - young kids to grandparents. The queue seemed never-ending. He was engaged with everyone, was genuine, humble & every person who met him left with a huge smile on their face.

“Following the match, I invited Steve & any of the Sutherland players to the VIP area upstairs. Steve & Ben Dwarshuis accepted the invite & joined us for the afternoon, watching the second match (Manly v North Sydney).

“It was Ladies Day for us & we had 130 people in the VIP area, along with our sponsors.

“Once again, Steve accommodated everyone’s requests for photos/selfies & autographs – all done with a smile on his face for the duration of the afternoon – nothing was too hard for him. And Ben was terrific too.

“Our Australian players are scrutinised every day, both on & off the field & too often we only get to hear the negative news. So I felt compelled to write this note on behalf of our club.

“Steve Smith left an indelible mark on everyone that attended Manly Oval yesterday. He is truly a wonderful ambassador for cricket & we can’t wait to see him back dominating for Australia again soon!”


That’s it written in/for The Daily Telegraph says it all.

That paper is not even worthy of lining the bottom of a birdcage.


Disagree Miss E. It’s perfectly suitable for lining a Birdcage.

May be in fact, it’s only worth, other than lighting a fire.


You meanie, think of the poor birds.:wink:


The reporter on CNN tonight had the journalistic breakthrough of the millennium. For thousands of years, the best minds have struggled to find evidence of God. But with scant regard for journalistic norms, let alone theological tradition, she blithely announced that some people in the California bushfires had “been saved by the grace of God”.

So take that, nonbelievers.

Mind you, she didn’t explain why God was not interested in applying some of that infinite grace to save any of those people shot in Thousand Oaks the day before.


Well, there’s concrete proof for you. Probably a few saved by the thoughts and prayers blithely sent their way.

Clearly the people killed were non-believers, or upset Trump in some way.




ooooooooooooobviously…rolls eyes this god saved all the ones not shot… MORE proof!


A club cricketer not going on a tear is more newsworthy


Terrible story aside. This is really first grade quality writing.


It’s awful cliched writing, which makes the situation worse.

FFS “Blood-curdling”? Sounds like a year 9 creative writing project.

However, if you’re looking for real reporting -in the line of “what you need to know about, what you’re doing wrong when you travel, and, here’s why you are wrong about things and here’s where to eat…” continue below…


web Virat Kohli 650 366

Hottest celebrity couple Australia’s never heard of

VIRUSHKA Move over, Kimye and Kurban. India’s flamboyant cricket captain Virat Kohli and his wife, beautiful Bollywood star Anushka Sharma, are the power couple taking over the world — and they’re coming to Australia.


I now feel fulfilled and enriched for having had the experience of reading that.


It is pretty amazing news.


I just can’t wait for Virushka to land on our shores…

The, Bart. The.


The Herald Scum, covering the really big issues…


So we can trust the major media organisations, they don’t have fake news in them.

Hong Kong (CNN Business)A top European news magazine has fired one of its star journalists after discovering that he had fabricated facts and sources in more than a dozen articles over a seven-year period.

“Claas Relotius, a reporter and editor, falsified his articles on a grand scale and even invented characters, deceiving both readers and his colleagues,” Germany’s Der Spiegel said in an articlepublished online Wednesday.