The Cricket Thread (part 5) - from March 2023

Serves them right for batting him at 6&7 for most of this tournament. He’s class. Bat him at 3!!

You don’t pay 3 mill for a bloke to bowl 1-2 overs a game and bat at 7 where we was either not required at all or only facing 5-10 balls.

His knock last night got them into the finals too! Well RCB losing the match that followed sealed their place.

If England aren’t just playing pre-Ashes mind games, and do actually produce fast tracks with short boundaries, the series set up for Cam Green to really announce himself.

Can bowl stints of good heat, has a good bouncer, and can clear fences with ease (let alone shorter ones).

I think Mumbai were paying as much for the future as for now. They tend to look at their players as long term and by all reports Rohit Sharma was a huge Green fan. Green would be a high priority for them as a contract player for all their franchises so will be interesting to see how he reacts to more big dollar offers.

Couldn’t see him being a player to downgrade Test cricket though.


Cam Green to be player of the series in the Ashes ……that’s my tip. I was concerned he wasn’t progressing last summer ….but wow he’s stepped up


England now have Anderson, Robinson (ankle) and Stone under injury clouds, with Archer already completely ruled out, while Australia’s bowling strength has been given a boost by Michael Neser’s early County season form: 19 wickets for Glamorgan at 25.6 (after 16 wickets in the final three Shield games). He’s also got scores of 123, 86 and 90 in the last four County matches.

It’s gonna be fascinating to see how the Pom batters fare against this Australian attack in the Ashes…

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Neser isn’t in the squad.

for the first two tests.

Yeah, but it just shows the depth of bowling quality Australia has. He’s already over there, is adapted to the conditions and is in very good bowling AND batting form. If they need him, he’s there and ready to go. A pretty handy back-up option.

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Zero chance. He’s captain in waiting if wants it. Waaaaay more prestige (and potentially dollars) in that over nonsense ipl shenanigans in which no one is going to remember or rate you for. Tim David will be getting no job offers post cricket because he’s elite at slogging in t20 domestic comps other than the odd coaching gig for Nepal or Scotland if he’s lucky.

Rubbish.The guys getting 3 million for 2 months work in the IPL. A year long franchise contract offer will be well in excess of that. No chance the financial rewards in Australia exceed that.

The prestige and history of Test cricket will keep him engaged, but sadly its diminishing and it won’t be as big a draw for future generations.

Tim David won’t need any post cricket job offers if he is able to play any length of time in the IPL.

Plenty of ex test cricketers struggling to make a living post cricket.

And Kuhneman wasn’t in the squad for india.

Well, Josh has flown home after his IPL commitments finished and is booked in at a specialist for a side strain that might be worse than initially thought. He would be touch and go

He really has developed into Autumn leaves out of nowhere in the past 2-3 years. The body just can’t seem to handle much stress anymore.

You really do need a squad of 6-8 quality fast bowlers these days to be successful.


Yeah I’m surprised. It’s not like Hazlewood has an action that you would think would put stress on the body and see him constantly break down. But if he’s not right then Neser must come into the squad at least given the rich vein of form he’s in over there…

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Right now, the cohort of guys who we know are test standard are:


Then there are a group of guys we’d like to think would be such as Lance Morris, Spencer Johnson, Mark Steketee, Sean Abbott. Jackson Bird perhaps but he’s pretty old.

That excludes all rounders like Cam Green and to a lesser extent Aaron Hardie.


Ah, that’s ■■■■. The injuries to the bowlers on both sides is a real shame, because I reckon that is the strength of both teams. It would really suck if injuries were the decisive factor in what’s looming as a terrific contest.

Don’t buy it. So why doesn’t Green just quit the national team now and become a full time t20 mercenary? He’ll make waaay more money in thr short term in his playing days. But he won’t, becsuse the lure of captaining and playing for your country offers more and The Ashes will outlast any t20 franchise or comp in terms of noteriety. Bashing a ton for Mumbai Mumbas or whoever won’t get him a 20 year career post Cricket in commentary or coaching a state side. Chris Lynn is the most successful domestic t20 cricketer this country has produce yet eventually his name will fade into time and he’ll need to get a real job.

Firstly Green will continue to play Test cricket because he grew up with the prestige. But who knows in future if a 2 test series against Bangladesh will carry more weight than an multi million dollar t20 tournament contract.
As for any commentary or coaching gig, have you not noticed the coaches clamoring for IPL gigs. And commentary gigs for overseas t20 comps will dwarf any piddling payday from FTA Australian channels.
Chris Lynn is far from Australia’s most succesful T20 cricketer, domestic bbl maybe but the bbl’s days may be numbered anyway and its overseas where every player will be looking to go.
You are living in the past, players are looking to set themselves up so they won’t need a job in future.

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324 in a T20? What is this, bush league?

Cam Green top scored again for the Mumbai Indians last night in their Eliminator Final win. 41 off 23 deliveries. So more of an even contribution compared to his ton last match.

Conceded just the 15 off his 3 overs as well. One of his teammates took 5-5!