The Cricket Thread (part 8) - from Jan 2024

If only maxwell could perform for the Melbourne stars like he does for Australia

If I had to choose, I’d much rather the way it currently is.


What I meant to say was…why is Inglis in there when Wade is doing so well? :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Save the big show for when the big show is needed. The stars are the fizzer show.

EDIT: Like a shooting star, fizzles out, like the final v Renegades.

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My thoughts exactly, the stars pretty much winning or losing rests completely on maxis shoulders.

Looks like McGurk will come so they can rest Maxi, but I’d love to see a line up with both McGurk and the Big show in it!

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Wes Agar was meant to be included too

Dre Russ copped a nasty one from Spencer Johnson. Looks like it has hit the side of the little finger where there is very little protection. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s broken that digit.

not sure why zampa bowled the 19th over, horrible over

Geez they can hit. Maybe a bit hit and miss but this time it is hit!

They were 3 for not much last time I looked.

I mean, I knew the Saffas were taking the pi5s with this tour to NZ but fk me.


Hahaha he makes me feel good about my bowling, and also my physical fitness. Haircut similar! :sweat_smile:


What a laugh, seriously haha :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:

Funnily enough his domestic record looks pretty good haha. Imagine debuting at 37.

Does he also hit bombs and face spinners in a cap?
Because he looks like a bloke who does those things.

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Kane Williamson is seeing this as nothing more than an opportunity to pad his average out. As far as leg spin goes these are as nude and you’ll see. Very little revs on the ball, slow. Help yourself!

Maybe not

The only movement he has is the amount of tummy movement in delivery action.

3rd top scorer with 38 in their first innings!