The Cricket Thread (part 8) - from Jan 2024

Cricket’s Luke “the Nuke” Littler

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Jimmy Anderson finally about to retire at the age of 73.

A shame. Was hoping he’d come over for one more tour to Australia. Would’ve been great to see him get pasted to all parts, get bounced every time he batted and hopefully a 3rd 5-0 whitewash on his resume.


What a legend. One of the greatest of all time.

Oh the T20 World Cup is coming up? Reckon you could get Sandeep out of jail for us judge?

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An Australian pitch in New York.

It’s hard to tell properly but man they look like short boundaries :laughing:


Houghie has done a good job under challenging circumstances. Quite a few Adelaide blokes involved in it and some of the photos and stories could be put in a book

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Those straight boundaries, look much shorter than some of the NZ one’s

It’s only for teeball :rofl:

Hopefully it plays perfectly for them. I can’t imagine the logistics involved to get that done.

I see that there is a doco coming out regarding the Carey stumping in the Ashes.

Cummins admits that he told Carey to try and stump Bairstow in the manner he did. Surprised this is the first time that has been revealed as Carey was pretty much left to shoulder it himself.

It’s already out: The Test on Prime

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Marcus Harris should win the truth hurts award for this interaction:

They were kicking off over the fence. I was like “you write the rules you ■■■■■■■ idiots, it’s not our fault”


No it isn’t, they’ve said publicly multiple times that they had spoken about keeping a look out for that dosey northern twat wandering out of his crease…

Starc v Cumdog in the IPL qualifier.

That is a very unfortunate nickname you’ve come up with.

But he is a millionaire…