The Cricket Thread (part 8) - from Jan 2024

All out for 39… ouch. Been in worse mind you

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We beat England?

That’s always a fantastic result, whatever the format. Actually, whatever the activity, really.


That was some experience. Unfortunately, due to the rain delays, had to leave at the break to make my flight back home :sob: Missed a famous win!


Pakistan’s inability to beat India in any significant game, like a World Cup, is actually unbelievable.

I think the word ‘choke’ is used too much in sport but I think it is genuinely deserved in their case when you look at the last 20-25 years.


It’s absolutely amazing. Especially when you put in the context that it’s the smallest total India have ever defended to win a T20 international and the lowest total Pakistan have failed to chase down.


What were the odds of that happening!!!


Scotland winning after 13.1 overs vs Oman makes England’s challenge of getting out of the group that bit harder



A nice tropical storm to wash out one of England’s next games would be ideal.


Don’t rule it out.

Nearby Miami is expecting 15 inches of rain (nearly 400mm!!!) in the next few days alone. Plenty of instability around in the Caribbean area at the moment.

The Bangas only have themselves to blame when they were in the position they were but this is pretty stiff. But it’s obviously the way the rules are written due to the way an ‘out’ call can impact the fielder’s engagement with the play.

You wonder if they could look at the approach which happens in tennis where the umpire has to decide whether they had a realistic ‘play on the ball’. Adding something subjective like that could cause further issues though so I can understand why it’s the way it is.

Just watched the last over and Maharaj got away with bowling 3 full tosses that should have been deposited into the stands.


They struggle to win any significant game against anyone. But against India I’m sure the frailty is only magnified by the fact that it’s the only time they actually do play each other.

Ironically India also struggle to win the significant games… ie: the Finals.

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Ellis in for Starc who is a bit sore apparently.

Aussies won the toss and decided to bowl first.

I have to say …our mob are looking so damn like champions and professional…They are super impressive our squad… Watching them pick off England was truly very impressive…No apparent weakness

They are the Harlem Globetrotters of world cricket.

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Boo rain, boo.

Aus V Namibia about to start.
Aus has won the toss and will bowl.

Shhhhhh. India are the greatest team and everyone should expect them to win, ok.

It works better this way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:

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Good to see us giving the kids a run. :wink:

(Our squad is very, very old experienced).

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Josh gets Davin, carving away to point, caught Maxwell. Namibia 1/14.

Cummins replaces Stoinis after 1 over.