The Dog Thread


Sorry to hear of your loss. After so long with a dog around it would be really hard to adjust, we tailor our lives around their needs - for the better - and it would be a hollow feeling right now. Our friends have two beagles and they’re such beautifuly natured dogs. I’m glad yours’ didn’t suffer.



She looks like our Wally, we rescued him when he was 10ish. We’ve had him almost three years, hopefully there’s a few more to come.

Every dog is the best dog.


It’s real hard.
Someone said to me not long ago.
Lock your wife and your dog in the car boot and go for a drive.
Only one if them will be happy to see you when you open the boot.

The sadness of losing such a great friend will fade very gradually and be replaced with the memories that made them so special.


Thoughts and prayers to you @PHBomber from across the seas.



i feel for you PH its a sad day saying good bye to a best mate


Can you tell me a little about your doberman?


Sorry for the delay in reply- just flew in from London. Our Dobe was the most beautiful person/dog. He just wanted to be with you- he understood English perfectly! He was happiest when we were all together- if one of us was going in the car he’d come inside to get the other! (The breeder called them the velcro dog.) He also didn’t take up too much room on the bed. :wink::joy:


Our new family member. We pick him up this Saturday. German X Belgian Shepherd.
No name yet.
New little brother to Bella our 5yo Boxer


Haha… Bella looks typically goofy :slight_smile:


Absolutely. She spends half the day on the trampoline.
She is awesome


Congrats! The pup is gorgeous. Love that photo of Bella! Hope it all goes well… if you haven’t brought a puppy home to an older dog before don’t be worried if Bella doesn’t like him initially- sometimes the puppy smell (& behaviour😊)concerns them. It can take a few days for the pup to be accepted but it will be fine in the end! (Apologies if info was not needed). Good luck! Enjoy.


I’ll never say no to well intentioned info. Cheers.


Just got this made - a 1 metre mosaic to hang outside so the old boy is always with us in the backyard. Didn’t quite get his eyes right but pretty close.


This is both the happiest and saddest thread on blitz.


Lovely @Mackster




No issues so far apart from Bella being a bit territorial over her food bowl which is standard for alot of dogs.
Wife still hasn’t settled on a name yet but “Pup” is fitting in nicely.


Beautiful pic- so lovely to see them curled up together :+1::blush:


A year later, here is Carlos at the leash-off beach in Blairgowie last week. On reflection, I think the term love / hate relationship was invented for dog owners. Our garden resembles The Somme 1916 - all craters, mud and carcasses. The polished floorboards show claw marks, the French doors are scratched to the raw wood. There is no point re-painting or re-planting - it would be a waste of effort & money. We are time-poor, but have had around 2 hours of chores added to every day. Carlos adds a layer of complexity to everything - dinners out / weekends away / holidays - which means spontaneity is rarer.

But at the same time, he has become part of the family. We have bonded. He loves us & we love him. He is a clown who brings new life to the house. He makes us laugh and we can always rely on him for uncomplicated affection. He is a big softy. He can also be intimidating to strangers. He rarely barks, but when he does you know about it. He gives the impression he would protect us if needed. So he is doing his job. And there is no going back…


A year ago for contrast…