The Dog Thread


Meet Fletcher


Should have called him Jim with those ears!




He’s my wife’s pup but I might’ve been prerty persuasive on the naming. Fletch and TD are my favourite players and fletch won out


He’s a very good looking young bloke.


She’s got a few of them in her life.

Not me! We have 2 sons.


What a cutie, pleased to meet you Fletch.



Is he demonstrative?


No but he is constantly tripping me


Our Shepherd was ‘Hirdy’.


Enjoy each moment Floydy. Just love him.


He is absolutely beautiful! How’s he settling in?


Really well. He’s slotted into our familly seamlessly


On a more sombre note, I took my nearly-13-year old choccy lab to the vet the other day because he has been panting all the time and his arthritis is getting worse. The vet told me the panting is likely because he is having respitory difficulty due to a tumour and that the stuff we were giving him to ease the arthritis by stimulating cartledge re-growth is of no use anymore. Anyway, he’s on daily anti-inflammatories and pain-killers until he can’t be a dog anymore. Poor, old guy. He used to love coming running with me, now he can only walk for about 10-15 minutes before he’s exhausted. He still wags his tail and leans up against me whenever I’m near him though.

Telling the kids that he won’t last much longer was a bit difficult too.



It’s hard.

My almost 3 year old still asks when Floyd is coming home from the vet and he’s been gone 5 months now.

My take on it is that as long as they are still wagging their tail and they are happy to be around you then it’s not cruel to keep them around.

Incidentally, I caught up with my vet the other day.

He said that he had wanted to tell me at the time but thought it would have been too difficult for me but it seems that the emergency vet clinic I initially took Floyd to at the time when he first started having seizures is getting a reputation for finding problems that aren’t actually problems.

So when they came out and told me he needed his spleen removed because of a tumour that actually end up being a small hematoma, they basically signed his death certificate there and then.

He told me that Floyd would still be here today if they hadn’t removed his spleen. Without it, he’s was too susceptible to infections and couldn’t fight the bacteria from the ear infection that killed him.


Thanks for sharing Mackster. I’d like to know which clinic please - PM me if you prefer.


So sorry to hear this Mackster.


Enjoy & treasure your times together. I loved reading that he leans against you when you’re near him. A true family member.


What suburb and we will know to stay away from the evil turds