The Dog Thread


Great looking G Shepherd, Mex. Have any updated pics?


Yep - was about to request the same.


I’ve had three throughout my life. Love the breed. Unfortunately, our tiny garden here in Japan is too small to keep one. Promised my boy last year that we would buy him a dog after passing the entrance exam to a nice school. Have a garden project to complete before honouring my promise. Have chosen a Shiba Inu. Still deciding on the colour.


Funny, man.
I’ve had 3 also - my first (own) dog was a black Sheppard named Sultan. After him, i had two others - Lady & Kaiser.
And…my eldest son has 2 Shiba Inus :slight_smile:

I’ll find a pic…


Ha, ha. Yeah, what a coincidence, Decks.

Our first was a male (Benson), then another male (Zack) & lastly a female (Sheba). Sheba lived to 15 & had to be put down after badly breaking her hip.

Looking forward to seeing the pic.



Oh, and a question. Are there many Shiba Inu breeders in OZ? I’d never seen one until I moved to Japan.


There’s not a heap - and the dogs are very expensive. My son had his come over from Perth (to Melbourne).


Awesome pic, dude. They both look really well (and a decent size from that pic - for a smallish breed).

And those are the two colour combos I am still deciding on. I’m leaning towards the black one.



What’s the breed like?

Haven’t seen them much in the flesh.


They are definitely a funny breed. Very different from regular dogs, and I reckon you should research before getting a Shiba Inu - they aren’t for everyone.

Those two above are quite different - where the female is extremely loving - though ■■■■ her off and you get a mouthful of barred teeth. Yoshi the male is a bit neurotic. Beautiful dog, but has a number of hang-ups. Is terrified of long loose clothing. Or someone holding a bone. Both will come running to me and grab me by the arm or clothes and drag me into the garden when I go over. They are more like cats, in some ways - the jump, climb, catch flies, do this ‘pounce’ maneuver, clean themselves, catch birds and are very clean and tidy.


They are the most common dog in my neighbourhood. My wife has had two throughout her life. One of the world’s oldest breeds. They are fastidious about being clean (which I like). Once toilet trained, they rarely soil their own turf. They are fiercely loyal, but prefer only one master. They are biters as pups, so need training. They can also have a superiority complex. Again, they need to be trained & learn who the boss is.


Thanks. He’s full of life, love and personality. Smart too. 1st Shep I’ve had.
No pics handy but I’ll take one this arvo when I get home from work.
He is 5 months old and already taller than our 6yo Boxer. She has taught him a few bad habits but he’s smart enough that I doubt it will take too long to get him out of them. I haven’t had more than 10 minutess a day over the last month to spend with him but that should ease off for a while now hopefully so will ramp up his training.
His natural smarts and the early time I spent have got him pretty well behaved mostly anyway. Just needs a few tweaks and then I’ll start on honing his watchdog skills.


■■■ I love Shepherds! What a cutie! Very big ears that I’m sure he’s grown into.


LOL, seeing cute dogs always make me giggle like a schoolgirl. Shiba’s are rare as hell, I’ve never seen one in person, I really want to. What’s the breed of the black dog? Shiba also? Adorable dogs, and look well feed too :slight_smile:


I have never seen em that big (personally). It could just be the photo. At first glance, I thought they were Akita dogs.


Not easy getting the 2 of them to sit still at the same time.
He’s got plenty of growing to do yet.


If you are ever considering buying 2 Labrador’s puppies…DO NOT DO IT. They have destroyed my backyard, plants, trees, furniture, kennel, water pump, bbq etc…


yes but they cute as.


Nice. They look like they’ve enjoyed themselves.
Haven’t had our dogs at the beach yet. Bella the Boxer is too nuts.
We had an old Border Collie we used to take until he discovered he enjoyed running chest deep into the swimming area and dropping off a package. Damn hard to pick them up!