The Dog Thread


We went to St Kilda West beach this morning. We aren’t based Southside so it’s good for a quick dip before traffic hits in the mornings.



They’re both gorgeous Mex. Fletcher has grown heaps! Understand totally about getting them both to sit together - had 4 dogs at once years ago and have many photos of them where one is looking away or getting up… not many of them sitting together!


They’re great personalities.

Bella is starting to slow down a bit unfortunately but in my experience Boxers don’t have the longest lifespan. 9 is the oldest one my family have had. Sadly.

Fletch is developing nicely. Fingers crossed his hips hold up and no snakes or ticks get him around here.

Although he has just pulled out an avocado tree I have been growing from a seed and keeps dragging our bananas down to get the fruit.


■■■■ Carlton


Hahaha! Laughed when I read that - can add to that list… chewed hose off tap every single day so we had the tap fitting raised to above our head height! Ate his way into a tin of Pal - chewed through the outside! Opened the fridge with his nose & helped himself to the goodies in there… caught him with a dozen eggs in a carton once! Ran through our glass door without blinking - must add that he was perfectly fine. We also had 2 & they were puppies til old age but we loved them & they made us laugh every single day.


What a face! Gorgeous!


The cars are a long way away


I have two very smart border collies. One is a choc/White the other wheaten/white.

Pictured below is Harvey who is nearly 2yo.


Awesome. The smartest dog I’ve owned was a BC.
I’ll reserve judgement on Fletch for now but he’s pretty cluey as well


My wife’s Shiba was the most neurotic dog I’ve ever seen. Open a dvd case and she would be cowering in the corner. She’s gotten better but still has some strange traits. And after 8 years she still often ignore me; my wife is her boss and she knows it. This is Lucy, she’s 12 yrs old now:

Around Xmas time last year we took in a Foster dog from YAPS for a few weeks. Beautiful girl, very loving and affectionate but also very timid and petrified of men. We had her for 2 weeks but after she was returned we determined that, given her temperament, she’d struggle getting adopted. We took her in. A few teething issues but she’s settled in really well. A 7 Yr old cattle x cross called Sala, she’s part of the family now (along with a couple of puddy cats we adopted after being abandoned as kittens).


Gorgeous looking dog Nic!


My wife is my boss and she knows it, sadly.

Great looking Dogs!


Here’s my contribution, my delightful German Shepherd doge, now 10 years old… some are back from when she was a pupper! :heart_eyes:



Grown up now, her with her bestie (sisters dog)…


Brilliant, mate. She is lovely.

Of the three G Shepherds we had over the journey, Sheba, (our female) was the most affectionate (and the biggest wuss). The two males were great, but were quite a handful early on.


My Dog is a massive wuss but very playful even still. Casually strolled over to the neighbours once because they were having a BBQ so they threw her a sausage and she walked back happily with one.

She literally jumps for joy and sprints around happily when she hears the word “walk” and sits patiently near the leash hanging up, and is very well behaved, I’d only have to have said “go back in” and she’ll slowly stroll back inside or I’l let her off the lash to run back inside from the driveway but she’ll wait near the gate to make sure I’m still coming. Very, very smart.



Marshall our Black Lab is now 8 and likes eating our leather couch, see the tape on the arms.

When he was a pup and I was the local Mayor, I left him in the car and he ate the steering wheel and handbrake on the Mayors car.


Precious. :blush:


Hahaha! That’s one way to make sure you don’t leave him behind again :+1::blush:
He’s beautiful!


Reminds me of our Dobe who would wait by the door to the house if we were going out in the car, to make sure we were both going.