The Dog Thread


Angus, our four year old Cairn Terrier, very tired after a long walk. He is completely spoiled.


How cute! It’s already able to take down a zebra!


Man I love Shepherds. Just the most wonderful dogs. My kids used to ride on Kaiser’s back.


Tell me more about your Doberman?


He was very special- we were his pack. He understood English & all emotions - knew when he needed to comfort & loved nothing than to run for joy - after which he’d lay on the couch and fall fast asleep. We’ve had many dogs- Goldens, Labs, setters & loved them all but our connection with him was special.


My Kelpie/Border Collies. Had them since they were 8 weeks, now 6yo. Brothers despite looking nothing alike. Ate everything in the backyard (including a small deck) when they were younger now fairly lazy but love a run. Berk (tri-colour) isn’t bright, ate snail bait when he was younger etc but would make an awesome worksite dog and George (black) is our sensitive soul, afraid of everything and developed pancreatic insufficiency young so takes Creon everymeal to actually digest it. People comment on how well behaved they are, but they know about 3-4 commands (sit/drop until we tell you otherwise and only come in when asked and never out of the lounge room (or to the front door when invited)


We had a Cocker Spaniel growing up. Very loving and pretty tame, but man they be dumb!


The black one never leaves his brothers side.

New sport, synchronized ■■■■■■■


Nothing to see here human, go about your business.


Something’s up with one of my dogs. He’s been acting funny lately.


Nice Husky!


My dog has recently developed a variety of skin conditions.
All seem to come on around 5:30, and all seem to crop up near Jr’s high chair.


My boy and girl are really excited about watching the GF



Where will you be sitting? :grinning:


No love from Sadie


Ohhhh, our boys loved the magic chair with our eldest. Didn’t know how it worked but knew food fell from it at alarming regularity.


Question. Is there a breed of dog that hunts and kills snakes? Without getting killed itself.


Cats are better at it by far, … and way more expendable, as well as free & easy to replace.

Only good reason to have one, … and only because they can still wear a bell to hopefully stop them killing Native fauna, without it affecting their Snake defending capabilities.


jack russells are pretty good at killing snakes



Can anyone tell me what this is ? My Labrador coughed up 11 of these last night. First I thought it was the stone in an apricot or peach, but while it is the right size it have a fibrous coating.

We have searched our garden and at my office, but cannot see anything that resembles this.

Any help would be appreciated.