The Dog Thread

You’ve got an active one.

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@Bacchusfox just wanted to say don’t let my bad experience put you off. I’m sure between discussions with your vet & family/friends the best outcome will take place. Best wishes.

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For me, the only question would be; What is the best thing to do for the sake of the dog?


Yep, that it just about it Captain.

If only dogs could talk !!


Couple of friends of ours bought a French Bulldog ($4k) about 9 months ago. About a month after they got the dog, she started throwing up after eating. The vet said that she had an intestinal issue and required surgery ($8k) and a special and very expensive dog food ongoing. After that surgery, things were looking up, until recently the dog began to have seizures. The vet has said that the dog now has epilepsy, so essentially someone needs to look after the dog full time and on top of that there is more medication that the dog needs to take ongoing.

I must admit, I’m not sure I would keep the dog. What would others do in this case?

Your other consideration is the quality of life & whether or not he’d be expected to make a full recovery so you and he can enjoy further years together.
I am really feeling for you & the difficulty you’re facing.


Involves an injection and an incinerator.

I’ve been trying to volunteer to foster a dog for adoption since all the isolation stuff started. But everyone (RSPCA, Melbourne Animal Rescue etc) is snowed under and they can’t do assessments etc. But apparently they’re overwhelmed with dogs coming in??

Try some of the other agencies. Lost dog’s home, Animal Aid, Melbourne Animal Rescue etc. RSPCA isn’t the only show in town.

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Might sound dumb,

go with what your heart is telling you @Bacchusfox.

Actually they do watch their eyes closely. They tell you when its time.


I definitely agree mdso. I know it’s the dog thread but I wanted to share about losing my 20yo silver shaded Persian cat Bazz. He had a year long battle with nervous system issues which progressively got worse to the point he couldn’t really walk properly. Last Saturday morning he pretty much stopped being able to walk and was dragging his back legs. He looked at me and said thanks for looking after me and taking care of me but it’s now time to let me go. I have no doubt that he said it to me with his eyes and the way he meowed. Here is a few pics of him. I hope I haven’t intruded.


No need to apologize, you did the right thing and l ave no doubt your cat did tell you it was time to go. Since last July l have been doing some work in my sister’s cattery, and although l still consider myself very much a dog person, l have gained more appreciation for cats. It helps that her 3 cats have responded well to me being around.

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Condolences mate, I’m sure he’s happily at rest now.

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My condolences @Joe. It’s so hard when we lose a loved one.

R.I.P. Bazz


So sorry for your loss Joe. What a beautiful cat.

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Sorry to hear that Joe. Never a nice thing to lose a family member.

So sorry for your loss @Joe. Beautiful photos - a very gorgeous cat who was obviously well loved. 20 years is a fine age You’ll have those memories to treasure forever.

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No Joe no intrusion for my part.

Bazz reminds me of my cat called Nnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy he was a Russian Blue.

Thank you for loving Bazz and loving him enough to do what was right for him.

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May not work for dogs, but after my very old cat started throwing up ( not fur ball connected and always on the carpet) , for other than dried food , I confined it to raw kangaroo meat.( from the human section, not adulterated pet food section).
Worked a treat, as she chews it and gets the saliva juices going instead of vacuuming it down - chucking stopped .


Thought I’d try for a bit of a lazy Saturday lie in, but Gus had other ideas. I didn’t get up, but I did compliment him on his choice of jumper.