The DPRK Goes Ape

Talking about ICBM’s is one thing, successfully launching one is another. This strategy has worked well for them in the past. Chest beat and the West talks tough, then agrees to a concession or two and things settle down for a while. But what do the NK’s want? No more joint SK/US training drills near by? Removal of anti-missile shields? What if they don’t get what they want?

Purely chest beating. Kim Jong Un is a nut job but is smart enough to know not start any major ■■■■ because NK would be wiped off the map.

That’s been the case for a while now but what is different this time is that they appear to have the capability to walk the talk, so to speak. The ‘experts’ had previously suggested that the DPRK was a few years away from successfully manufacturing + launching an ICBM. This is a dramatic escalation. Should they now work out how to put a nuclear warhead on one of these missiles, we’re at risk all the way down here.

Communist nutters don’t think like that, Mao boasted that in a nuclear exchange China could sustain 200 million dead and still have 400 million left to continue the war with America. And then there was Stalin and Pol Pot.

I’m not to concerned, I mean we’re an island nation 1,000s of km from our nearest and dearest ally so I’m sure the respective governments over the years have built a capable defense system against an attack, and I’m sure our naval capabilities are right up there with the best given we are completely surrounded by water, you know things like air craft carriers so we can project some power and rattle our sabre in the area should the need arise…


North korea suffers from short man syndrome

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I love how news outlets in OZ show a map that includes us, As if he is going to bomb Darwin. Talk about dumbing down of Australians!

Yeah pretty sure no one would ever bother bombing Darwin


I saw this thread and thought it was about darkknightphoenix



Not sure how The Dear Leader doesn’t feel awkward when all his senior military personnel start dancing and clapping uncontrollably around him after a successful missile launch. They must be trolling the rest of the world for sure. That can’t possibly be for real.

Oh that’s real alright. The rule is dance or die, praise or prison.

If the US wanted to annoy north korea they could give nukes to Japan and South Korea which would annoy the heck out of China.

At least then it would be a level playing field.

The pure stupidity of targeting Iraq for weapons of mass destruction when North Korea had them yet were left alone is now coming to roost. And we have an overgrown manchild running the USA that has no idea about diplomatic relations, even with his allies let alone enemies/threats. It can only end well…

Two Man-Child rulers. Scary days.

Remember the good old days when a DPRK leader was content to shoot 5 holes-in-one in a golf round of 34 to prove his manhood?


If Kim Jong-un Tweeted, I’d follow him for sure.

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