The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?


Lee - N Craig
CGates - McKenna
Karmabomber - D Smith.

Any other hatreds rival these three?


I think having a trawl through the Langford thread will reveal a few peops…

And @Cgates are we talking Conor or the other Guy?


Blitz - Stanton???


The coach


Thank the maker.

When I first read it I thought it was Conor and my only conclusion was that cgates must be a northern Ireland Protestant


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My wife’s removing my cranky pills from this weekend!:wink:


Just go treat yourself to a D850 or D500 , Karma.




I don’t know the specifics of what needs to happen list wise, ie what changes happen to the rookie list but my thoughts are:

Gone: Jobe, Kelly, Stanton, Hocking, Eades

On thin ice: J Merrett, Morgan, McKernan, Long

In: Stringer, Saad, Smith, Lavender

Assuming we require 3 picks at the draft and the adjustment in the rookie list requires we need X amount of lost spots, I think they’ll come from the above players.

I think McKernan is particularly unlucky but with the cat B rookie and Draper also around in addition to Leuenberger & Bellchambers, I think he’s without a spot if he’s not a back up ruck unless the list management team see him as a KPF which I don’t think they do given how he’s been used in past seasons.

Given the acquisition of Saad this trade period and McGrath plus the development of McKenna, Mutch, Clarke etc I really don’t see what purpose is served by keeping Morgan and J Merrett. Tough calls but IMO they are too far down the depth chart & tough calls need to be made. Ditto Long. Think he’s done his time on the rookie list so it’s either upgrade or delist? Happy to be corrected on that.

I think Bird, Howlett & Green will survive for depth.


I’d rather keep jerrett than howlett tbh but really, both should go


I’d delist Jerrett and Howlett.

Jerrett: hasn’t cracked the team all year. I don’t recall him in the emergencies too often either.
Howlett: I actually like him (he has heart), but considering since the start of the year Begley’s gone past him, and we’ve recruited Smith, I just see him as being surplus to requirements.

I think Smack is safe. He’s only on the rookie list. Draper’s still learning the game and has had to get over foot problems of his own. Our rucks are fragile. And Lavender hasn’t even shown he can play VFL, let alone AFL. So essentially he’s holding no-one back and is good insurance.

Morgan is still young - but has to lift his game.
Long is on thin ice - but he was always more of a longer-term prospect. Hopefully he can turn the corner this year.
Bird - only stays because I think Jerrett and Howlett are on the blocks in front of him. At least he has experience (and we’ve lost some in the mid-field).


Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but one thing I found very interesting in Scooter’s podcast with Rob Kerr was that Kerr mentioned one big point of discussion in the most recent list management meeting was whether they’d have 38, 39 or 40 players on the main list.

If they plan to go with 38 that makes it interesting. We’ve currently got 39 on the main list. We have to add 3 through the draft or rookie promotions, which means we’d have to delist 4 to end up with 38. That would mean Jerrett, Howlett, Morgan and Bird all gone.

Of course he didn’t say what the end decision was, so they might still be looking at 40.


Where is the podcast?


The thread called Saturday lunchtime catchup or whatever it is…
I’d link it but i’m on my phone.



Hmmm… I hope he doesn’t mean the early Jobe. That model was fat and lazy.


Lavender is a bonus Rookie B.
Doesn’t count as an “in”.
We can have up to 3 of these - So McNiece, Lavender, and another.


Jerrett should be gone, but there is talk of a one year contract for Howlett.

So we have one vacancy as things stand and two if Jerrett goes.

If Howlett is rookied that would fit the 1 year contract talk (recent article on McGrath’s contract negotiation in HS), that would make 3 senior list vacancies.

We take a pick at 48 and we maybe promote Draper and Long (if Long survives the cut and needs to be promoted because of 3 years on the rookie list?), mopping up the other 2 senior list vacancies.

If we went with 2 upgraded rookies and Howlett dropped to the rookie list, with Smack already there, that would make pick 48 and 2 rookie picks.

That would be the minimalist way of proceeding. We could possibly drop Morgan to the rookie list, but we might prefer to give him a one year contract on the senior list if we wanted to take a punt on a couple of rookies for a year and only have to deal with one two year contract for an untried player at pick 48.

This is assuming we see more value in going into the 2018 draft deeper and maybe trading for some earlier picks. Given we have given away our third rounder in 2018 and are getting by with GWS’s second rounder. If we really don’t see any talent beyond pick 48 worth investing 2 years in, then a very conservative approach to the 2017 draft may be a good idea given we have got 3 young but established best 22 players coming into the side.


I’m actually really surprised we haven’t delisted anyone else yet.


Apart from the fact that we are Essendon, is there any reason Howlett would be dropped to the rookie list? If we want to keep him for a year (and given he is nominally an inside mid I’d hope we’d be looking at some state league players to replace him) why wouldn’t we just keep him on the main list for a year?