The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?


Conditions were terrible and for some reason our players felt the need to bomb it in high to a 1v2 situation everytime. I don’t know too many forwards that could have done much more under those conditions


He just needed to hold his position and bring it to ground more. He didn’t do that very well IMO.


Hasn’t done it very well since Joe went down


Hasn’t ever done it well IMO. But surely he’s big and strong enough at that level. Even sibbald had a crack and he’s a twig.


Stewart just signed a 2 year contract, we will not be trading him this year. Get over it.


I’d be disappointed if Dea was delisted. He had some very good games this year and was for the most part, very reliable.


I know you like him WOB and for good reason, he’s honest and courageous, but the time has come to get him to a club where he can play more senior footy.
He will have very few opportunities with us from next year onwards.
He is way too limited with ball in hand.
Only ever has the confidence to chip kick the ball sideways to a safe option, and struggles badly against robust medium size forwards with tricks.

He is behind too many of our medium defenders now.


Does McNiece have 1 year left? leaning towards him getting booted but i do see a little bit of something there…


I reckon they are more likely to keep him than not.
Of course that will depend on how many spots they want to free up.
But they seem to rate him as a small defender, so it would be a bit odd to delist him after just a handful of games.


After seeing him run 20 meter straight through the behinds in the VFL and give away a goal at a critical moment, I felt he should have kept running over the fence and to the unemployment line.


Hes an odd one. can look really solid and lock down his man well, and then times have the absolute worst brainfades possible. e.g. the rushed behind against Casey and that time he sheperded a goal in for Carlton. theres several things he does like this every so often but those are the ones that stick out.


McNeice is a cat A rookie, yes? Probably would have been better for him to stay on the B list. And the team too.

We probably won’t find out his cannon status until after the main draft. Unless the rookie draft is on the same night now.


I chortled


A bit later he had a massice quadruple effort in the last quarter that stemmed Casey attacking in numbers.
He’s not the finished article, but he does more right than wrong IMO.


That, and when he did mark it once or twice the umps decided it wasn’t a mark…


Out of our medium defenders though, he’s still our number 1 actual defender. Our win rate with him in the team was pretty phenomenal! I think we should be keeping him around until others have proven they’ve gone past him.


I’d be loading him into the cannon. Do I think he’s good enough for AFL? Yes, but barely. I would like to see us try and upgrade him, and Matt Neagle could be an option. McNiece makes far too many mistakes for mine, and most of the times I’ve seen him at VFL level he’s been the weakest link. Had a pretty poor finals series where he serially kicked it to the opposition (or OOBF), and I hate how he often just gives his man room as soon as he’s away from the D50. Just does not tighten up enough for mine.

Theoretically his kicking is a weapon, but given how often its a turn over, and his defensive issues, it would be a “lets look elsewhere” for me.

It was pretty shocking, and made to look worse given how low scoring the game was.


That’s a reasonable way of putting it.

I’m not convinced he’ll make it, but I haven’t seen him fark up quite enough to be cut.


I don’t know what they’ll do, but I’d keep him myself.
He’s played 10 games, which is hardly enough to rule a line through someone imo.
And they keep giving him games, so they obviously don’t have the problems with him that you do.
Guess we’ll know soon enough.


I’m neither here or there, but I liken him to Henry Slattery.