The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?


In that it is law that there must, at all times, be a whipping boy on the Essendon list for tools .


Lacks yard for mine.
Would struggle on the quick smalls, and not as hard as Bags.

Not like we’re spoilt for choice
though atm.


Except for those times when you have ruled a line through them after 5 #coughlongcough ?

I reckon McNiece is in massive danger. 27 at the start of next year and we don’t know if he’s good enough (but Bags established himself at that age). Of course he might just need more time, and you’re right, it’s pretty tough to judge someone on 10 games when they’re still getting up to speed with the game.

I tend to favour the “look elsewhere”, but can understand if we want to keep. Especially as we don’t have obvious lock down, small defender depth.


Personally if I was getting rid of any defenders, it wouldn’t be to replace them with other defenders. If anything I think someone like Dea might just be a victim of an imbalance in the list.

Obviously if you’re of the opinion that a bunch of our defenders are actually secret mids, this logic doesn’t hold.




Its not really 10 games though, is it. He’s be on the full AFL list two years during which he’s played a lot of VFL games, and was on our VFL list the year before that.

Surely you don’t believe players can’t be delisted until they have 15 odd AFL games, right?

Edit: he’s been AFL listed two not three years. Not sure why I typed three…


Unless there are Jake Long :grinning:

I think if the coaches obviously rate someone, as they seem to do with McNeice , counting VFL games as some sort of proof of someone’s capabilities at the next level doesn’t make sense.


How many more blokes do we need to delist?


But why are we saying he’s rated? He pretty much only got a game after Bags was cooked and we had no other small defender options left. He wasn’t a consistent member of the team.

And given this is our opinions, why on earth wouldn’t I be using the VFL matches I’ve seen to rate him?


Technically, if we don’t bring in any other traded players? Zero.


Put Dea and mcneice in the cannon

Keep Long.


Because he actually is.

He is our first choice back up small defender when fit.

Of course he wasn’t a consistent member of the team. He’s the back up option.

Because you are not assessing his potential at VFL level, but at AFL level.


I doubt Long is suitable for lock down work though.
And I’m not sure he’s strong enough.
But it would be an option none the less.


Smarter than Henry, and a nicer boot. Same hardness and committment.


Um, after Bags was shown as crooked he was our only backup small defender, so being first choice is hardly difficult! And I think its fair to assess that if he struggles with poorer players and a slower game at VFL level, he may struggle at senior level to.

But its obvious we see McNiece’s performances and potential differently.


McNiece should have been smarter than to ask the question of the ump, but the deliberate rule, like so many fkn rules in this amateur ■■■ sport is so broken it’s not funny


I don’t really have a set opinion on him at AFL level yet. But so far he seems ok. Does some good stuff, makes some fark ups. Worth persisting with is as far as I’ve got so far.

And I can assure you, the VFL coaches don’t think he struggles at that level.


Fk me if we don’t delist long then there are serious problems. He is a Scania


enough to fill all the cannons we have lined up


can’t stop laughing at this!