The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?


He’d be looking for a job on


There are arguments to keep all of the uncontracted players. But we need to turn over the list and get some more developing mids in. I’d be leaning towards some harsh delistments to bring in a few more mids.


The club has moved pretty quickly, for once, on BJ, Green, and Jerrett.
And contracted Stewart, Laverde promptly.

That would seem to indicate that any further delistings- Dea, Long, Leuny, are on hold until trades start to unfold.
If we’re offered for example a steak knives deal with Sheil or Setterfield we may need an extra list place to accommodate it.
Or use a Colyer as a deal sweetener.

Myers won’t go - the word is that he’ll retire when his current deal expires - no incentive.

And of course Jackets & co will be assessing a couple of possible ruck back ups, and our likelihood of getting one before making a final call on Leuny


If the Suns lose May and Lynch surely they would look at Brown and Hartley maybe somewhere there is a 3 way deal.


Not necessarily. We have Mutch, Clarke and Mynott as inside mids (ignoring hybrid options such as Begley and Ridley playing midfield) and Guelfi who can play multiple roles.

We’ve got two spots free, if we say delisted Long and took three picks to the ND, and took the best mid available at #8, and outside mids/HF flankers/small forwards with the next two, then we’d have a group of 6-7 players outside the best 22. Given the oldest mid in the best 22 is Zaharakis, I’d say that’s a reasonably well balanced list of midfielders.

So I don’t think we need to cut deep to repair any imblance, and always remember you have to keep in mind who you might want to delist next year. Have to have 3 to cut then.


That’s primarily why I want more now.

Myers and Colyer should be surpassed if we improve. Mutch, Clarke and Mynott are fighting to get another contract. The cupboard will be bare or we keep players who aren’t up to it.




Well I’d say they need to show more next year to get one yes.

Not saying they are in auto delist category. But if they are still VFL players after three years the odds are against them.


I find next years delistings always become more obvious as next year progresses.

What they appeared to do last year where they keep blokes on and you just know they are gone the year after, then we go and pick up Guelfi and Mynott with our last list spots, and it just makes you wonder who they thought was the next best available?


Not necessarily.

a) inside mids need the body to compete, which means you often don’t see them break out for 4-5 years.

b) every club needs depth players who might play a lot of VFL but can perform to an AFL standard. A role which the mighty Matt Dea has done so well for us, as an example.


Dea has been important but at this stage is about to move from depth to list clogging.


We’ve had certain mature players provide valuable depth in areas of need given the dynamic of our list

We lost Hibbo, had Gleeson out injured and a bunch of kids drafted in who weren’t quite ready.

Dea did a job and gave his all but he is limited for pace and disposal plus that wave of kids are ready and Gleeson is back.

Time to go. Another club maybe needs him to do a similar job whilst their kids aren’t ready too.


Suns could do worse than to get Brown and Hartley, ready mate mature age replacements for Lynch and May.

I guess suns would look at using Day and 2 Metre Peter as the Tall forwards, so probably not need Brown that much.

Id say keep Brown and Trade Hartley, but he has to agree to go there, and they need to want him.
Brown gives us forward and defensive depth if required.
Probably worth more to us than a late pick.

Hartley to Suns for Lyons. might work for both clubs, especially if we miss out on a Shiel/parker and get Gaff/Scully


Hartley could be handy next year with his superboot.


So you’d delist more players now, knowing that you’d also delist those three guys next year, regardless of their form? If they come along next season, you’re going to be delisting undeserving players and all for extra super late picks this draft, over mid range picks next year

It doesn’t make sense


Yes I’d regularly turn over the bottom of the list. It’s a crapshot with late picks and rookies. But the more chances you give people the higher chance we have of hitting a good player. i.e. Guelfi.


And who are you going to delist next year? You can’t delist any of those draftees, they need two years at minimum (just like Mutch and Clarke). In fact pretty much any player drafted to this club will get three years to prove themselves (because that’s how long it usually takes to develop) unless they’re miles off it.

I really don’t get the idea of dropping kids so that you can replace them with other less rated and developed kids. At a certain point you have to back the players you’ve drafted over the unknown, or you’ll just be stuck in a loop of drafting and delisting. The whole thing just reeks of impatience

Guelfi really has given posters on this site ridiculous expectations for late draft picks.
FYI Guelfi is older than Redman, Mutch, McGrath, Begley, Zerk-Thatcher, Clarke, Draper, Ridley, Houlahan and Mynott. He’s also the same age as Parish and Francis. If he was drafted as an 18 year old, you would have lost patience with him and demanded he be delisted before now


That’s an amazingly myopic, one size fits all approach.
I doubt you last long as a list manager.



We have delisted 3 players. All I’m saying is we should turn over a few more.

I’m not saying delist every Tom ■■■■ and Harry.


Harry is a great clubman, delisting him would tear a the fabric.

Tom and ■■■■ on the other hand, in to the cannon.