The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?


The discussion here seems to revolve around PP’s initial post to “delist 6 just because you can”

He’s actually since modified this to options that involve trading out some of the six, presumably for draft picks (or, as I said earlier, part of a possible trade deal for trade targets)

The second option is something no ones really going to disagree with - especially given our depth of medium / tall defenders.

But there’s a huge difference between this and going for pick 106,107, & 108 just because philosophically we should have more list turnover.
That’s fantasising in a serious way.


What if they are not emos?

Is it still ok then?


Not Harley, with the new rules approaching, he is by far the best long kick in our squad. The new rules will really suit him. One kick to the centre and then our forwards of middies slot it through the big ones. Or Myers slots it through from just outside the centre square, if we still have one.


I just don’t see how Hartley’s ability to kick long from the elongated square is useful to us from the VFL team.


Ambrose is the best pure lockdown defender we have. His biggest issue is he struggles when it comes to attacking and staying healthy for the whole season


He also has another huge issue in that he struggles on the bigger “beast” players.


Hawkins seem to be the only one who really troubles him consistency from memory


So do all our defenders bar Hooker.


Couldn’t agree more. Ridley, Francis, Redman, Gleeson are your medium tall types he competes with. Id be looking at more midfielders
if anything. In particular I think there is a spot for a tallish winger in our side. Think McIntosh from the Tigers but with a bit more skill. Love the look of Rozee and think he’d fit in perfectly.


Dea next I think


Think Ridley from Essendon.
We already have that player.


Mate the gait on him,the graceful kicking style.The poise.

I have this feeling he could be one of our top liners in a few years.


Have to agree with the comments about so many medium and tall defenders. We really need a back pocket plumber or two. If we could get value from Harts, brown or ambrose we should at least consider it.


Exactly where I see him playing. Redman and gleeson fighting for a position at half back. We have some serious talent in the backline


Oh come on, everyone knows the worst ever draft was 2003. I mean there’s guys who were taken top 20 who don’t have Wikipedia pages. And llane spaanderman has a wikepedia page.


Sounds to me like Amazon is a sh*t company run by psychopaths who think they’re geniuses


That certainly sounds believable.


Don’t tell me we are picking up Hugh Goddard


Thanks Frosty for taking the words out of my mouth.
Apart from Jeff Bezos who wants to work for Amazon?
Are they a “destination” club?
Yet to hear of even Carlscum or Gold Coast players saying “Stuff footy - I want to go and work for a quality company like that”.


Apparently the reason north are chasing so many players this year is that they are facing a mass exodus from their current list wishing to move to amazon. Word is the pay and conditions over there are way better than at arden street.