The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?


Given Redman and Deas height I think we’re fine.


take it all back. frost is a hack


Sitting on a ball, in the middle of the Andes.


Long is still a rookie


Ahhhh!!! No, he’s not, despite what’s on the website.


Yup. Just so there’s a reference:


I apologise, sorry for relying on the Essendon website.


Rookie error.


Hopefully they get it right next year, might take 'til June though.

To be fair they corrected most of their errors by April this year.


So what’s our name then…ah May…well in ya hop before anyone notices you.
Toodalooh :wave: oh ■■■■ he wasn’t even signed up yet…good well done everyone for future thinking.


Shove your self in there. That’s the way ok.
Well love you Long time :wave:.


Does the canon go off on October 31st?


There is a super 7/8.
Which means that if gold
Coast get priority pick for lynch our pick 8 to 9 slides a lot


It will slide nothing surer. Someone will need to bid on Blakey and we have to hope someone slips a little


Not necessarily.
Given there seems to be dispute about exactly which of 10 or so players form this super 7/8 (eg Rankine is in some not others top group).
And the tipping seems strong that GC would take both Kings with their picks, leaving a bunch of mids to fight over.
Crows seem likely to go for best available South Australian- by the time they choose this might be rated as Pick 11 or 12.
And, given there’s no talls, will Freo pick one anyway, or go for a home grown Hill?
With Sydney’s academy pick the wildcard.

Pick 9 probably virtually as good as Pick 8 but I wouldn’t want to drop / trade the first round into the teens unless Disco has a very special project player earmarked.


Isnt it


Then maybe Thomas? And we dont have access to Thomas or Blakey?


This probably belongs more in the draft pages, but to answer your question, at least in part.
Knightmare only rates Rozee (SA) at 11, with Hately (also SA) at 8. Almost the reverse of Twomey’s ratings.
He also has McFadyen - a Bears academy player at 9. Could they be pushed into a bid for him with their first round? Dunno.

But it’s rare for the first 8 picks to go as planned - someone sees something they really like, they might or might not preempt tied picks from other clubs, and there’s pick trading this year as well.

Basic point is it’s not a super draft - the top players have real potential but, like any draft there won’t be a lot of diffence between 8 & 9.


Maybe not the order, but my understanding those are the clear best players, which means if you put a line through academy players there is a clear top 7. After that reports seem to say its a pretty stock standard draft, it is just the top group who stand out.


Add too many key forwards on our list. It’s Dodo’s specialty the talls…


A parody account surely.

Either that or the village has a new idiot.