The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?


You never know until 5 years after the draft.


Oh, it will definitely change over time. But that seems to be the consensus now.


No shortage of idiots in this village. Sanga still gets my vote…I don’t know whether he’s an utter moron or a pazza-like doofus who thinks he’s being extra intelligent and funny. I’m betting on option A.


Luey Bags Myers Trav Dea Harts


Tassell! Where have you been?


Assuming we get no more trades and we elevate McNernan how many more do we need to delist?


1 more *

'* unless the AFL have changed their rules that rookie elevations count as a pick.


So we delist Long, elevate McKernan, grab one in the draft, get the Gaelic prodigy onto the rookie list and re-sign everyone else.


They never changed it back after they brought it in when the expansion teams were introduced (emphasis added).

each Club shall exercise a minimum of 3 Draft selections (including selections forfeited under Rules 8.7, 10.10(b), 12.4(b), 13.4(b) and 14.4(d));

8.7, 10.10, etc are F/S, rookie upgrades, cat b upgrades, and academies.


The Gaelic guy would be a Cat B rookie. So we can draft two.

We also have to decide if we’ll draft Fletcher or Neagle.


I’ve been told we have already given Mason Fletcher our word that we will select him.


Take it to the F/S thread!


We aren’t done yet trade wise IMO, freeing up list spots will happen pretty easily.

Harts. Dea. Leuey. Bags are all OOC. The first 3 apparently having had enquiries on from other clubs. Dea & Leuey both at GC.

Colyer is being shopped & would suit Dees who’ve previously been keen also. And GC are also keen on Tyson so we could work something.

LAV obviously has had his name come up which means another club(s) are after him.


I really doubt any of those guys will get anything in a trade. We can give them up for charity, that’s all


Lav would have some currency. Is contracted.


I think you might be surprised.

GC in particular have an excess of picks that are largely worthless to them. They need players.

I think we might find some 3rd rounders heading our way.


We might only need the 1 live pick.

Depending on what happens with Leuenberger.

We could go to the draft with a third round pick, then upgrade McKernan and Draper.

Then focus our attention and priority on the rookie draft.


im assuming he wont be put up for trade. happy to be proven wrong as i dont think he’ll make it.

also it would be disastrous if we only had 1 live pick in this draft.


NFI if he will or won’t, but a few clubs seem to be sniffing at a contracted player, that equals currency.


I’d hang onto Harts unless he really wanted to go (understandable for game time). Like Dea but he’s very much depth. In saying that he got quite a few games this year. Would be happy for him if he got big opportunity elsewhere. Leuenberger is our only real true ruck depth who can step in without losing much. He’s also made of glass. Not a massive loss (aside from that and mentoring Draper for another 12 months). Really think we’d need another ruck option if we lost him. Draper needs more time and McKernan as main ruck. No thanks. Who else… Joe? Ambrose? Scary. Bags gets another year. Handy forward. If injuries strike our mids we might need some who rotate to the middle to spend more time there. Also, let’s not forget he’s handy back.