The Essendon Football Club is ruining my life

Where to start? The title of this thread is not a joke. I love the essendon football club and I hate myself for it. My entire 40 years on earth haee revolved around this club and for 35 of those years that’s been a concious decision by me.

I’ve no doubt if I didn’t love this club I’d be a happier, healthier and more contented human. I feel like a battered spouse. Continually assaulted and let down with promises that they have changrwed only to be punched right in the face.

Yet I’m the ■■■■■■■ idiot for coming back time and again.

Supporting this club is like a ■■■■■■■ meth addiction. You know it will end in tears.

We’ve been a joke since 2002. The rot started then and has just worsened year after year. The mediocrity anad arrogance is astounding.

Our performances on the field reflect the ■■■■ weak response of the club during the saga.

I think I’m actually done and it breaks my heart.

Get the ■■■■ out tanner.
Get the ■■■■ out Campbell.
Get the ■■■■ out worsfold.
Get the ■■■■ in someone who is desperate to win and will take this club forward and not gift games to mediocre players who are happy to pick up a pay packet ana strut around town satisfied with being an afl player.

I’ve just had enough. I can no longer tolerate this ■■■■. I’m out.


We are addicts and we’re addicted to the pain of this club winning number 17.

Even when we’re losing we still come back for more.

I’d consider adjusting your life priorities. Football should never head that list. No matter who you support. It’s just a game.