The Firing Line - Album Out Now 'Edges Of Time'

This is a sample of our debut single ENERGY that is released on 11th November

This is Gaya by the way. Had issues with login.

Playing this Thursday night at Laundry. My first show in 8 years.

EP ‘Edges of Time’ will be available through as well as Xbox, iTunes & Google Play.

Even if you don’t dig this style of music it would be great to hear your thoughts.

I liked the song, would of liked to hear more.


For Thursday night, "Break a Leg' and hope it goes well. 

Thanks. Appreciate you taking the time to have a squiz

Bump when you can buy the ep, and good luck with the gig.

Not my type of thing, but it was well done, and I hope it goes off for you.

Bump when you can buy the ep, and good luck with the gig.

from the 11th wim

Really appreciate you all taking the time to check this out. Completely understand it won’t be every bodies cup of tea.

The last show I played live was with you benfti at The Tote in 2005.

We have been writing and jamming on this EP for over 12 month. That’s the longest pre-season I have put into music and I’m just really proud of what all the boys have done.

Pre orders Monday week.

How did the gig go last night?

Much better than we anticipated. That said, we have jammed almost every week for over 12 months patiently working on music that we hope is not a blatant imitation of our influences. Of course you are inspired by them but geez at my age you’d hope to be your own man now.

I haven’t been that nervous in a long time. We rip into players for missing a shot from 25 out directly in front but you are vulnerable when you open yourself up in the public eye.

There were 60 payers and a bunch of people who snuck in so you add the bands & it was a great first hit out for a Thursday night

EP is being pressed now & digital distribution all sorted.

there is a video of the first track from the show at

We have just released ‘Edges Of Time’. Our debut 7 track EP.

You can buy a limited edition digipak CD, download from iTunes & Google Play, as well as listen to audio samples at

We are playing Sunday 24th Nov at 4pm in Gershwin Room at The Espy and again at The Espy basement in Friday 6th Dec at 10pm.

Would be awesome if you all at least had a listen to the samples. You won’t be disappointed

I like it. I do.

One comment if I may.

I think the vocals have solid strength, but every word is spelt out at the same speed. Syllables match drum beats and it can sound drawn out.

Example below imagine each syllable to each match a beat.


Now if that was changed to be like

How, evolution-changes

With a slight pause after the how and then a more fluent quicker ‘evolution’.

I think the spacing of words needs to be mixed up more than it is. Right now it sings like an in time instrument and that’s how a lot of great choruses get remembered etc but there still needs to be diversity in the delivery of the vocal IMO :slight_smile:

That said, it’s pretty rockin, well done.

Let me know if u don’t get what I’m saying and don’t be offended!

Thanks Mink for having a listen. Your point is valid.

When you are so close to the music and self producing with limted external imput it’s funny how you just don’t take note of things like this

I am all about challenging myself, as are the others boys so I appreciate all feedback and observations

Appreciate your honesty

Video removed? :frowning:

Edges Of Time at iTunes.

Available for android/smartphone users at Google Play

Quite liked what I've heard so far which is just the Previews on Google Play. Well done mate.

So it turns out that my cousin has been playing some solo shows on the bill with The Firing Line. He speaks very highly of you guys.

I’ll have to check the next one out.

Is that Lukey?

Is that Lukey?