The Forest from the Trees: A post for the stats nerds


I added the Bont in there: He is a better comparison with Langford, because he drifts forward.


If Merrett is our fourth best midfielder we’re going alright…


Thanks @chris_64… much appreciated.

For a 21 year old, those Langford numbers hold up pretty well. He is going to be a wonderful beast of a footballer for us for a long long time.

Numbers also say Heppell needs to get the ball / intercept the ball and then take the safe option.


Yes Sam, you are right. I think Langford is a developing beast of the Bontempelli type .

One key thing I noticed about Langford 2018 is he not at all frightened of heavy contact. He absorbs it and stands up when they try to drag him down. He truly belongs at AFL level now. He always was a good mark and kick.


Only because he had a bad start to the year Dave.


Rather than goal assists can you do it with score involvements


Was about to write exactly that.


Score Involvements per Disposal. 2018 round 1-23
Forwards/ Mids.
0.42 Fanta
0.41 Stringer
0.28 Parish
0.22 Smith

Big Bodies
0.27 Bont
0.27 Myers
0.26 Langford
0.22 Heppel

Rovers / Wingers
0.24 Shiel
0.22 Merret, Zaha,

0.17 Tom Mitchell.


Fantasia an obvious one. What a star.

Surprised by Myers and Parish.


That’s an interesting stat. Who are the comp leaders for that?


Matthew Leuenburger.


but realistically, I feel Ruckmen get a bit too good a wrap here due to a HO counting in the chain, and obviously low game numbers so I redid it with no ruckmen and 5 games minimum.


LOL, but true. very small sample !


I’d be interested to see the list with a minimum average disposal count, say something like 23, maybe 25 depending much you want to narrow the sample.


Not strictly a stats article, but a good read and speaks to Wooshas underrated coaching in the 2006 premiership year


Champion Data have started releasing their analysis for 2019. We have the 5th oldest list but have the 2nd least experienced list. We are only ahead of Gold Coast on average games played.


cos saga


Maybe but we only have 5 players who were suspended on our list still. Assuming all 5 played most of the season it would only add about 2.5 extra games across the list. We would jump up to 14th moving past Fark Carlton, Brisbane and St Kilda.

So we still have a relatively inexperienced list.


I’d like to see a comparison of age/experience of the best 22s (or best 25 to allow a bit of wriggle room).

We feel like a new-fresh team rather than a young/inexperienced side. We don’t have a baby bombers feel.

Quick scan through the “best 22” players it looks like most have over 50 games, 11 have 100+, and 4 have 150 games plus. But none over 200 games.


What’s the spread?