The Freo game has derailed our season. Sponsored by Gillette

Apart from the heat,  and two six day turnarounds. Goddard should not have played, he basically made it a 3 weeks minimum injury after playing and nor should have Winderlich.   Those two play and we win last week.   The effects may last a third week tomorrow.  

I think we should have sent a younger team over and conceded that game and focussed on the next game.  I was flabbergasted to hear Bomber say he thought it was a 4.40pm start for Freo not 2.40pm.

Now we require a herculean effort to get over the pies who are in good form.

I love my club and am barracking hard but I am worried we have almost stuffed the season up in two weeks.

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his name is jason but his only a kid



or something like that. 

his name is jason but his only a kid



or something like that. 

Yeah, English is something like that. :P

Goddard hurt himself in the warm up?


his name is jason but his only a kid



or something like that. 

Yeah, English is something like that. :P


i know this. 

How I viewed the team coming into the freo game:



In hindsight that may have worked and we beat saints.

But what about our wa fans? I wouldn’t bother turning up if we sent our Vfl team out as no hppe of a win.

We could have played chappy and fletch given illness at club and won that game. Who knows.

Let me guess - gen Y, right? Derailed the season? Cripes, we're 5 rounds in, give it a chance.


Anzac Day tomorrow and it's apt to remember one of those phrases that does the rounds every so often: like people say how they'd like so and so in the trenches with them. The solid, reliable type who'll never let you down, never take a backward step, the type who thinks not only the glass is half full but it's full of beer.


What happened to that type of person? Read these pages and half the characters have given it away before the ball is even bounced. Not only we no chance tomorrow, but the season's stuffed too!


You know something, I'd be ashamed if I gave it away that easy. Maybe I'm deluded, or maybe it's the drugs talking, but hell there's no greater joy than proving everyone wrong. And the more people say it can't be done the more I want to prove it can and will be done. Without giving myself too big a pat on the back, it's the sort of attitude that wins matches, and makes also rans, champions.


So let's concentrate on the positives. Not who's missing but who's playing. Not the position they're in, but what they're capable of doing. Concentrate on how we have one of the legendary coaches of the last 20 years. About how we have on of the best leaders in the competition leading us onto to the field. How there will be hundreds of thousands cheering on the red and black tomorrow. And not forgetting that we're Essendon.


I get tired of hearing reasons why we can't do things - and I don't just mean in regards to football. I want to know the reasons we can. ■■■■, thats what made Oz great once upon a time.