The Future of Forum Footy

Bit of an odd time to start this thread but I’m getting alot of questions so I figured ■■■■ it I’ll answer them.

Unfortunately over the last few years interest from almost all other sites has died but interest from blitz has remained strong.

So I’ll be considering a few options to at least keep forum footy running even as a “blitz thing”

The lead option right now is to hire an “indoor footy” court for a day and simply play a round robin with teams of 6-8 players. They have options for this all over Melbourne including Altona, Tullamarine and Cranbourne. Yes this would cost us but with a good amount a players it shouldn’t break the bank.

For info on indoor footy:

Now obviously we are a LONG way away from locking anything in so please, if you have any ideas please post them.

Hope that answers the questions




I retired, and the whole thing collapsed.


Damn…i was hoping to be drafted by Blitz, i even barracked for us as a kid…


Such a shame that interest from other clubs died down - absolutely loved playing forum footy and always had a great time catching catching up with my fellow Blitzers. I still have a few mates asking if there’s another one coming up anytime soon.

Never played indoor footy before but it might be a bit of fun. Put me down as a tentative yes, although it will depend on what time of year we’re looking at.


Agreed nickers the social aspect of the day is my motivation for keeping it alive as a blitz thing.

Rollo (the Melbourne one) retiring kind of killed of their end.

I’ve played a game of indoor footy before out at Altona and it is good fun. Almost anyone can play which opens it up to the female posters and also kids as well.

If we divide the teams into teams of 6 it also means everyone gets an equal run. Which is important if we need to pay. It also means that all we need to have a decent tournament is 24 players which has never been much of an issue.

Most of these places have a bar so a post game drink is also on the cards.

Time of year will be the same. Probably weekend after the GF.

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The worst part of indoor footy is that you don’t get to tackle or bump anybody.

But the best part is, you don’t get tackled or bumped.


I’ve played at Altona too and it is good fun. You can’t bump or tackle buy players with good skills really stand out.

Depending on work etc I’d have a run around.

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Kind of similar to AFL 9s by the looks of it. I’m definitely the ideal candidate for non-contact footy! Would this be an irregular thing or an actual weekly comp?

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Normally done twice a year. Once pre season and once post season.

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Nice! I’ll be up for it so long as cricket doesn’t clash with it for whatever reason…

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I play indoor afl at the tullamarine one every Tuesday night. Would be interesting to sus out the price but I know their rent is pretty big though.

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Id be down for the altona venue its great!

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Altona charges 180 per game all equipment and an umpire. Going by their website.

Doing some rough figures.

24 players
4 teams of 6
A v B
C v D
Grand Final

Based on 24 players that’s a touch over 20 bucks each.

On those numbers to add a “third place play off” pushes out to 30 each but I really wanted to keep it around 20.

It will all depend on numbers.

Again keep in mind this is just one option I’m considering and I’ll put all options to a vote later in the season.

Other options so far:

  • AFL 9’s/7’s (free because we can just hijack a park somewhere)

  • Get a full size oval and play inter blitz 15 a side full contact footy

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Punch ons in the carpark are still encouraged though, so there’s that.


What about just having a blitz indoor team playing in a regular comp? We would all follow the season, Jackie could watch them train, djr could live-post the matches, fog could wildly speculate as to their next recruit, the lid-on crew could write them off after their first loss etc etc


Go out for hot chips afterwards. Shirts with names wich must be 3 letters long in capitals with an exclamation point.




Needs two comps with one being just for us old farts

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First of many.


That was gonna be my line.