The Game Day Thread Graph - 2020 vs Dawks (HIS SOCK!)

After three years of no one asking for it to come back… I went through every post in the game day thread and categorised them as negative, positive, anger (at umpires, the AFL, the opposition, the commentators) or JOE.

The cumulative totals are graphed here, along with a few comments along the way as well as the score tracker in black (approx). The “sentiment” line is the positive score minus the negative score. In this case we split the votes between positive and JOE a bit, but there was no chance to recover after that first half. Blitz has serious anger management issues.

(You may need to click to see in higher resolution.)

Yes, I started shortly after the game finished and only just finished. Now to watch the replay of the second half. Work tomorrow, pfft.


Looks like a fairly decent representation of the Match Day thread…(for most weeks).

Just a reminder of where the team we just beat sits on the ladder.

Living proof that nerds are cool. Great job @theDJR.


Weird Science-Kelly Le Brock

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Thanks CloneHirdy, it’s so important that in a total clusterfeck of a season in a total clusterfeck of a year we don’t get ahead of ourselves and have a bit of fun.


If I squint just right at that graph, I think I see the shape of HIS SOCK.