I think you’re ■■■■ out of luck if you have expensive hardwood floors.


Thanks barnz. The Roomba has not been too bad. Hoping to find better though.


We have hard timber floors & use the Neato - does a great job


About to renovate the kitchen (actually demolish entire kitchen) and the old free standing gas stove is going to be replaced by an electric oven and gas cooktop. Bosch has been mentioned as a good brand, anyone got any comments?


I’ve 100% bought in on the induction cook tops, if your pots and pans allow it, infinitely better than gas/electric.


Why is induction better? The pots etc are old, so if I need to upgrade, so be it.


Just get a magnet and just if it sticks to the base.

induction is way quicker to heat up on, more efficient because the pan becomes the heating element and the easiest cooking surface to clean ever.


We did our kitchen about 6-8 months ago. Ended up with a Westinghouse gas cooktop and Omega oven, whose main selling point is it fits 6 whole chickens. We basically had to have a 750mm oven max which severely limited our choices. So far, no complaints.
Avoid Technica, look great, but they’re bargain basement quality.

Also shop around for your kitchen contractor/design, the 3 quotes we got varied by about 60% on the cabinetry and 80% on the stone top. We found the contractors that are run out of shops (Freedom furniture do it, the good guys, Harvey Norman etc) the most expensive - by far. Mark up on mark up on mark up.


Can I recommend (stress) get soft close hinges and sliders for your drawers. Cost extra but awesome, especially if you live with drunks or kids, or drunk kids.

Also, I got a top end Miele oven and stove on the cheap. Disappointingly, it scratches even if you look at it. Next time I’ll go for induction or one of those matte black (ceramic?) style cook tops instead of stainless steel.

My next oven I want it to have a decent digital thermometer built in.

Also, make sure you have enough power points on the top of the bench space for the kitchen aid and sandwich maker.

And, I spent a LOT of money on the quietest extraction fans for the range hood, Schweigen they’re ■■■■■■ quiet, but i don’t know that they actually work as well as I thought they would. But worth a look (listen)


Range hoods are wacky.

One that was in the house since it was built (30-40 years) worked wonders but sounded like a 747 was in your kitchen. new one drips grease everywhere, filters fall out, and cannnot extract to save its life. (like our midfield).


They’re pretty much standard these days.


Just moved to Canada, and everything appliance wise is “supersize-me”!
We inherited a Kitchenaid microwave the size of a small apartment, and an oven that can only be described as “mega turkey-sized”.
But, do they work well! Mrs Chilly is very impressed.


We recently changed a rangehood from Technika to Qasair. Sooooooooooooo much quieter and the suction is something amazing. Went twin motor version. Not cheap though.


We did the kitchen last year. Been extremely happy with the 900mm Smeg oven/stove. After sales have been great.


Bickford’s cranberry cordial

Try it.
Especially with fresh lime and tonic (and add your favourite white spirit).


Will give it a shot (so to speak)
Mrs Deck and I enjoy the odd gin.


this one too:


The grapefruit is amazing. Just the right amount of bitterness.





Mmmm…Baron Samadi, Dry and a twist of lemon…