The Greatest Season That Was: 1993 Podcast


“An in-depth look at Footy’s greatest season: 1993.

Presented by Adam Collins, Shannon Gill and Dan Brettig. “

I’ve only listened to the intro episode but seems pretty good. Not EFC specific, but surely we’ll get a good run over the series.

I give the title 5 stars.

AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea - in summary... BECAUSE FARK YOU, THAT’S WHY

I mentioned this in the podcast thread yesterday but deserves it’s own thread its that good!


Listening to Robert Shaw’s story about the crossed wires in the coaching box right now in the Fitzroy v Essendon game.


If the roles were reversed, Sheedy wouldn’t have told them! :grinning:


Great game, btw!


I really enjoyed the Greg Miller chat. Some of the shifty things they did to sign players in those days. All clubs would have been doing it in those days.

That was a cracking game v the Lions.


So Glen Archer should have been a Saint! No way they’d get away with that these days.


Great start to the podcast. It’s amazing how much actually happened in 1993. Also the game is so different now. Ridiculous that Fitzroy lost so many players post 93 to a stupid AFL rule which basically was the final nail in their coffin.


There were 43 bags of 8 goals or more that season. How many now? Maybe one or two. Incredible.


Hird had such a weird ball drop when kicking for goal. It’s a wonder half of them didnt go out on the full


And what about those hands! Some ripper handballs from him in that vid. That handball to Bomber who kicks it to Watson who then goals, just sublime. He was pure silk.


First year of a night final. Also it was the first season that the AFL took big games to Friday nights. The Winmar incident at Victoria Park was also 1993. The finals were also he first time the ball had a sponsors logo on it.

Just so many things seemed to happen in 1993.


It was the year Alastair Lynch kicked 60 odd goals and got named at Full Back in the All Australian team! Such attacking footy.


Night footy best footy.


Yeah I remember going to that game. Don’t remember Hird playing that well. However I do remember the Lions playing a real open forward line with Lynch and Doc Weildon dominating. Lynch was going to be a gun before all that chronic fatigue stuff happened. Personally 93 was my favourite year of footy, was just at the right age to go to the footy without my parents and went to so many great games that year. FWIW the West Coast game was my favourite of the year apart from winning the GF.


The prelim against the Crows was pretty special too. Seven goals down at halftime and we come back and win it.


The rising stars that year are amazing. Some serious names there.

Doubt there’s been a better crop


Four Brownlow medalists amongst that lot. You’re right, not a bad bunch at all. Five Essendon players: Hird, Smokin’ Joe, Mercuri, Fletch and Olerenshaw.


Can they hurry up and drop the next episode!


3 watson
2 hird
1 fish

That was fun