The Greatest Season That Was: 1993 Podcast



Highlights from our game against the Swans in ‘93. We were playing for top spot.


In the game against Fitzroy I remember Boris doing a ridiculous torp on the run from around 55 out in the last.


That goal is in this highlights package above. Game was a shootout!


Found this from the start of the Barassi era at Sydney:

From the Swans’ website:

That afternoon at the SCG the Swans led by 48 points at the six minute mark of the last quarter of the match against the Saints.

And then all hell broke loose.

A force of nature called Tony Lockett changed the course of the match, kicking seven goals, breaking Peter Caven’s face and destroying the Swans’ defence.

The big man even took on the crowd, spearing a ball at the cheer squad, spraying them with obscenities and just for good measure giving everybody an “up yours” gesture on the way off.

The great Ron Barassi had been lured out of retirement to coach the Swans that year. After the game at the post match function in the old shed at Moore Park, Ron’s wife Cherryl asked her husband what he was going to do about Lockett.

“Sign him up, I guess,” the coach said. And he did.

The last quarter

The Caven incident


Privileged to have been at that game (& the granny the following week). Easily the best game I have seen live. Amazing comeback.


Latest episode has dropped with Robert Walls talking about the Bears. Haven’t finished it yet but unsurprisingly he doesn’t miss Sheds as per usual.

Interesting to think how well the Lions would have gone if Buckley had stayed.


Still loving this Podcast. I still can’t believe how much happened in one year even the beginnings of the Footy Show. Can’t wait for the Bombers episodes.


93 was super year!!! The podcast is fantastic.


What Coodabeen!


Latest episode had dropped. First taste of the Bombers! Julian de Stoop is interviewed about his doco 28 Games. Another excellent listen.






“Heaver” :joy:



Mental disintegration at its finest. Pleased that’s Wangas stood up and overcame it.


Brilliant way to keep him focused after the Brownlow win. Sheeds was a master.

I had no idea how close Watson was to going to St Kilda in ‘93! Thank fark didn’t.


Can’t wait for Tuesday night. Even thinking about watching the doco on North staying south as a warm up.


Not such a great shot.


Watson is the Goddard of that team, except for the obvious extra 2 flags, etc.

Great clip. thanks.

EDIT: Also, wow, a fast game when the rules are actually paid, and not over-paid. Look how open the game is.

Symons steams in like Hooker.

The crowd at the MCG. Wow.