The Greatest Season That Was: 1993 Podcast


They printed 200 of those, signed ‘em, sold them for $200 a pop and the funds went towards the footy trip


They ruined him eventually.

Best home and away game was when hird arrived against hawthorn and tore ray jenke apart. Bruce yelling out “jimmy boy” in full fap mode.

Funniest part of that game was fish taking a mark over Shane Crawford in his first game (I think) and Crawford dragging him to the ground.


I remember staying up until 3am watching the replay of the Fitzroy Essendon game. Then it took until 4 to get to sleep. No live AFL in Qld back then, replay started around midnight. Only concession was that they took all the half time rubbish out.

I still have the footy jumper I bought that year…and it still fits.

The podcast itself is really interesting, even the clubs I dont give a ■■■■ about are interesting in hindsight.

I wonder if they will get the great man Sheeds on. If so, he tells so many stories it will need to be a 2 part podcast.


That is quite an achievement for a beer-man! :blush:


Really enjoyed the latest instalment! (#14) They got RoCo on to discuss his top ten games for that season and to nobody’s surprise, Essendon features heavily. I’d rate this one as one aa one of the best so far.


Blighty seems a little bitter about 93.


probably hard to blame him


I reckon we would have beaten them too. From memory, things were pretty close in our game late in the year, until we got a few injuries.


I like how they let their guests speak. interesting concept in the podcast scene.


Listening to the one on Richmond ATM. Schwab makes the interesting point that the advent of the national comp and the draft probably extended Hawthorn’s 80s era into the 90s. Farkers did it again more recently on the back of clubs around the mark being held back because of the comprised drafts.


I should also say that you could probably make the same argument about our 1990 season expect of course we didn’t get up.


The other thing that stands out listening to this is that the AFL and nepotism go hand in glove.


An extra episode came out today combining cricket and footy. Basis is 93 was an Ashes tour of England - the one where Warnie bowled the ball of the century. Apparently the ball was shown on the big screen the next day at the G before the Victoria vs South Australia state of origin match.


I loved the mix of footy and cricket. Worth listening for the Boony story alone! Had no idea that Tubby played AFL at a pretty high level. Another great listen.

They played some of this on the podcast:


The Kevin Sheedy episode/interview has come out today, should be a great listen!


Very enjoyable but it’s typical Sheed - covers a lot things with many many tangents.


The tagging of the eagles runners was a great story.


True that. I think not hearing him speak for many years I forgot how tangential he is. Enjoyed it, but was hoping to hear a few more details about that year


I’d love to hear an interviewer really challenge him. He goes on tangents, is entertaining but doesn’t answer the question half the time. It was great when he was coach as a press conference, but for things like this, I don’t feel like we get the full picture.

Found Parkin and Walls more compelling.


It’s like listening to Abraham Simpson discuss something. Someone like Tim Watson would have been much better.