'The Greatest Training Session on Turf'

Since I’m a Red Energy customer, I received these tickets pictured in here: https://www.redenergy.com.au/efctraining

Apparently it’s an exclusive session, but does anyone know what’s the difference between the ‘exclusive’ one or a regular open session?

Just so I know whether to RSVP or not.



Anyone please??

It’s pretty vague.
Send the club an email or give them a call.

It might get just be a typical training session only. At first I thought they might give you a free guided tour of the training facility, but it doesn’t mention much about it.

It is. Even on the tiks and the letter it says ‘exclusive’ but doesn’t even explain what the difference is.

I’ll give em a call now.

EDIT: The guy on reception reckons there is no difference -_-

You should get back to redenergy and let them know that you’ll exclusively pay your next bill on the exact due date…

Allegedly exclusive or exclusively alleged.

Fark we are bad. Kid needs help.

I blame … WADA.

I’ve got them too.
My son was wrapped, I just presumed it was a normal training session.

Will there be a Red Energy Meter at this session?