The Herbatron Thread

It wasn’t the normal Herb style video. There was no movie backing to this one.

Mrs. K. looked at me and said what’s up with you? I then showed her and she was in the same boat.


If I showed Mrs D, she would make some remark about me having too much time on my hands and why haven’t I done all those things around the house that were on that list she made… :scream:


For those who don’t know, the AFL partially backed down by not keeping the 20K, but donating it to a cancer cause.


Not herb related but this sportsbet ad is great. Watch til end


For those that won’t/ don’t do Twitter, Herb has now put his vid on YouTube


The song after we won with all the kids was one of the best things I’ve seen in a longtime. Wasn’t spoken enough about by the media imo but I thought it was very touching.


Wholesome herb, I’m cutting onions here


Got shamed into doing it i reckon.

To add salt to the wound they let stk and whoever plays them (haw?) wear blue and white armbands in a game each season!

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Well that’s because cancer is a politically fraught topic, but everyone loves the cops.

I admit I openly cried during that video. I’m not sure if was to do with the kids though.

It certainly added to my emotion but I was just so proud of the boys. Its been so long since we’ve consistanly given selfless team effort.

Then I totally lost it when the kids were singing the song in the circle with the guys. Farken kids!

So, I’ve made a commitment of my own, a resolution if you will…

I am going to be there for Essendons next final win. No matter where we play I will fly from Bris-Vegas to see us play in every final until we get a win. I want to see the streak end and I will hug every random essendon supporter around me and openly bawl my eyes out like a baby.

Go Dons!