The hurley/carlisle swap. Game over

Like to see what people’s thoughts are. Even though carlisle has been played in the ruck the last two weeks, it just doesnt look like its going to benefit either player

for mine and I think this is pretty clear - carlisle is a better defender than hurley. It seems hurls struggles 1on1 and struggles reading the high ball come in

but probably what looks most concerning is that jake just looks like a rubbish forward. He’s game has gone backwards, looks disinterested and doesn’t work hard enough. At least hurley is a hard worker and would put in repeat efforts

They will probably stick with it for some time yet but for mine, it doesn’t look like the right call

Carlisle was the all aus chb, he now can’t get a kick.

We also played him in the ruck.

Obviously bomber was taking the saints as seriously as the players were.

I don’t see Hurley going forward under bomber look forward to seeing hooker cameos.

Carlisle looked great matchup for reiwoldt I would have swapped at half time.

I actually thought Hurley beat rewioldt, only out marked a couple of times, all the rest were turn overs, etc.

Well theres certainly no point sending jake to defence with 5 minutes to go. At least hird would pull the trigger at half time or 3/4 time when the game was still winable. That was a poor peice of coaching

Hurley worked hard but turnovers up field hurt him an put him out of position. Carlisle never looked like getting it, and when he was manhandled and not paid the free he spent the next two minutes arguing with the thing dressed in yellow.

I think Hurley is a better defender than he is a forward, but I also think Carlisle is a better defender than Hurley and Hurley is a better forward than Carlisle.


The thing about Jake and I noticed it last year when he played forward is he just looks so farking disinterested, like he has better things to do. Really the only times he has done anything this year is when we needed him to step up in the ruck and even then I didn't think it was that good of a performance by him. As you said Hurley at least acts like he gives a ■■■■. Unfortunately though I agree with you about them sticking with the current set up even though it is clearly looking like the wrong decision.

Carlisle plays like he is sulking about being stuck up forward.

Im not sure if hurley is a better defender than he is a forward, but im quite confident he’s a better forward than carlisle

it just doesnt make sense to me you move someone who is arguably the best young defender in the game and was AA standard for most the season

I said this on blitz last season (or maybe even 2012) and got yelled at, but will put it out there again, given the last 5 minutes of the game:  Carlisle, Hurley, Fletcher in defence and Hooker forward.  Hooker is a great mark, good play reader, and a great competitor with a defensive mindset and he is always going to provide a contest and be dangerous.   It is definitely a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul, but Carlisle and JD are simply not doing enough in F50 and Hurley and Carlisle look far more comfortable down back.  We simply do not have a genuine tall 'presence' in F50 and that is killing us.   No point letting the opposition kick only 80 points if we get it into F50 more than they do but still only end up with 60 points.  Gotta get a really good tall in there, and Carlisle and Hurley will be more than serviceable in D50 (Hurley did ok tonight, just got killed on the turnover).

Neither are forwards really I don’t think.

Hurley definitely isn’t. Jake doesn’t look like a forward but still early days. Persist for a while with Carlisle up forward. I think having bellchambers back will make a big difference

Would love to see him leading up to the wings and keep Joedan closer to goals. The body on body stuff just doesn’t seem to be his thing. When he has a run and jump he is unbeatable.

Just learning the position at the moment. It will take awhile.

Remember how we swapped Carlisle with Hurley coz Hurley couldn’t take a mark inside 50? Good to see that problem has been sorted.

having Carlisle forward puts to much pressure on Joe. So needs to be the kid up there, not the focus of all the oppositions attention. Carlisle does not do enough to take any pressure off him.

Remember how we swapped Carlisle with Hurley coz Hurley couldn't take a mark inside 50? Good to see that problem has been sorted.

Hurley couldn't take a mark, Carlisle apparently can't make a contest.

Remember how we swapped Carlisle with Hurley coz Hurley couldn't take a mark inside 50? Good to see that problem has been sorted.

but at least Hurley was competitive and combative, with a physical presence.

We have ruined 2 players

So who else can we move around? Fletcher and Chappy to swap? How about Baguley and Jetta? Winderlich and Dempsey?

At least Hurley attacks the ball and hurts carnts who get in his way, jake wrestles and doesn’t chase.

Hirdy’s defensive pressure forward last year was huge for us.

It makes you appreciate how good Lloyd and Lucas were, that's for sure.