The Impossible Dream - wakey, wakey! - will we finish 9,10, 11 or 12th? How will the finals unfold?... Ladder predictor in OP


After a week off, or have they scrapped that?


Oh yeah. Probably is a week off.


We have had bit of luck go our way in terms of injuries recently.

Lions lost Cameron the week before (I think perhaps someone else too)

Eagles, already missing darling lost Kennedy to the week before.

Norf lost waite a few weeks ago and Jacobs fortuitously didn’t come up

Pies already missing Treloar and a host of others lose dunn the week before.

Lynch now done for the year for the sun’s

Freo have just lost Sandi and Fyfe

Swans look to be playing sore and it looks like McVeigh’s season may now be over.

Pieces have fallen our way to such an extent that you can’t help but feel our destiny is in our own hands. Of course in this game it can all fall apart on the back of a training ground mishap so you know… Touch wood.


We can be afforded 1 loss for the year to make finals. Maybe 2 if alot of luck went our way… but very unlikley.

If we win tomorrow, and win every other game and allowing 1 loss to Richmond in r22 (which i think we could also win) we will finish 7th.

Our 3 danger games are tomorrow (collingwood), Richmond and Port last 2 rounds, we can lose only one of those. Port last round in Adelaide seems the most difficult.

second tier danger games are: Sydney Hawks and saints.

We should really beat Suns and Dockers both at docklands, hopefully the Suns will break and it will be a 80pointer which would help alot with allowing 2 losses.

In someways it is better to hand out some thrashings if possible, and lose 2 close ones.

But yeh… lots of variables… brisbane seem to be going OK and might get some surprise wins, Adelaide cant be discounted winning a few at home… and the dogs at etihad will be tricky for a few. Probably why it is a good idea for the AFL to create an incentive to win once finals are not possible, like making first draft pick go to 8th on the ladder and 2nd to 7th then 3rd to 9th… and last place gets 9th pick…


Suns are at Gold Coast, not docklands.

I reckon if we win 13 we’re certainties for the 8. There will be upsets.
It’s important that Swans and Hawks are 2 of our wins


I’ll believe we can make finals until its mathematically impossible…

But if ive learnt anything in the last 10 years as an EFC supporter, penciling in wins is fraught with disappointment.

I’d say most pundits would think our run has been better than expected and we are due for a reality check, if not against the pies then certainly in the following 7 weeks.

Basically we need to win 6 from 7 (which it will be if we get over the pies), then repeat that.

I know we are in good form but we are asking a lot, from a club that’s only won 14 games in a whole season once in the last decade.

It’s quite ridiculous, but what a ride if we can pull it off.


Seems logical … :wink:


Had a conservative go at it. All I can say is lucky we have banked a lot of % as it’s a log jam up here at the top


Smash Port in a qualifying final then have a week off before the prelim


Fark Carlton not wooden spooners.

Fails the credibility test.


You’re absolutely on fire tonight Sameolds :ok_hand:


Now McEvoy with a fractured eye socket, could easily miss a month


Fantasia out = dream is dead


Our equals dream is dead?




You’ve got Carlton winning THREE more games? What the actual hell


[quote="… and last place gets 9th pick…

Ha, ha. Fark Carlton pick nine.
Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Pick nine. Ha ha.


I assume we’re gonna lock this thread now?


Yep, every result this weekend went the wrong way for us


Close the thread down.