The Impossible Dream - wakey, wakey! - will we finish 9,10, 11 or 12th? How will the finals unfold?... Ladder predictor in OP


I think we may finish 5th.


This thread just reinforces the absrurdity of the afl draw. The inequality is astounding. Teams talk about unfairness about where games get played and GF always at the MCG.

The biggest issue in footy is that the draw is totally biased towards the success of.some teams and not others.

I know a couple of people from QLD and overseas who were from soccer watching backgrounds and they showed some genuine interest in AFL and were keen to get involved in supporting a team etc but as soon as they were informed about the quirks of the draw and that some teams play each once and.others twice they walked away. They pretty much said its a mickey mouse comp if thats the case…


I guess they’d think the same of NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

Is soccer the only professional team sport that has a fair draw?


A fair draw between incredibly mismatched teams.


If we can’t beat the teams we need to beat to be in the finals no point being there anyway.

Sure getting 13/14 wins to get in is great, but if our losses are again smashings against sydney/the tiges whats the point


most of our wins have been against teams we might face in the finals.
West coast, GWS, Geelong and North.


I agree but there is an upside to that for us. And its working. Teams will be shaking in their boots if we can continue playing like we did yesterday. We are the team that is like a ball rolling downhill once we find our momentum, ■■■■■■ hard to stop. And; we still have a lot of room for improvement. That’s scary.


Probably about the same number as the Tigers… given they’ve got the worst free kick differential in the comp.


Yeah if only AFL was fair to all teams like soccer…?


That is literally the stupidest reason I’ve ever heard for anybody to not follow any particular sport, ever.

I mean geez… They must have been keen!


I did the predictor. Had us losing to Rich, Syd and Port away. That left us 11th with 12 wins. However the four teams above us (Melb 7th, Geel 8th, North 9th and Adel 10th) all had 12 wins too.

Win 13 and I reckon we make it


We belted Port when we were garbage earlier in season. I’m not worried about them.

Tigers I expect to lose and the Sydney game is a home one for us so they won’t get free ride with umps.


Well we might win Jose, that’s true. I always try to do the ladder predictors pessimistically though.

Long story short - if we beat the Pies this week, then we can drop two of Rich//Syd/Port, win the rest and still make it.


Different story over there. And with a top 4 spot on the line I wouldn’t be betting lefty that they wouldn’t take the ■■■■… But if their ladder position can’t change then a sneaky chance.


So we aren’t going to face Port?


Look we don’t need that thinking. Image using your words that’s what the players thought before taking the field.
Why would we bother turning up to watch Richmond play?


Literally WTF anyone that says literally in a sentence must be under the age of 15…literally.


The point?
The point would be, that after playing and losing to those two sides, we would have learned something, that would hopefully help us the next time we met them. And if we lost again - we’d learn again. There is always a point.


Look fair is every team plays each other once alternate venue the following year.
Simple but AFL decision making such as
Umpiring, judiciary, Singapore and playing in Alice well open to interpretation.


Are you always drunk?