The Impossible Dream - wakey, wakey! - will we finish 9,10, 11 or 12th? How will the finals unfold?... Ladder predictor in OP


It’s the clear hardest game of our run home given they are top of ladder for a reason

As such I don’t expect to beat them. But would surely hope for a better showing than last time.


We did learn against the Tigers by winning the next 3. Now we are a runaway freight train from HELL, strap ya dicks in and enjoy the ride!


(My dick doesn’t need strapping in, though…)


Schnorkles are optional.


The replay is ■■■■■■■ good!




You know that means it’ll be another couple decades before we play Sydney in Melbourne.


They should rotate home and away every other year, but yeah probably. And I’m good with that.

There is way way way too much football at the moment anyway.


Free Willy


Do you actually know what the word literally means?


Fixed, … :smirk:


I considered it myself, but left it open to interpretation


Tigers were 8-6 this tune last year and had just been spanked by the Saints at Etihad, the rest is history.

I’ve been saying for a few weeks now, if we win the games we should (GC, Freo & Saints) maybe pinch a couple of the ones we’re not expected to (WC, Sydney, Richmond & Port) the rest is in our hands beating the teams we’re competing with (NM, Collingwood & Hawks).

If we win this week, and we really should given their outs and recent ordinary form just getting over Carlton & GC, we have an opportunity to boost % with a rudderless GC & Freo here without Sandilands & Fyfe. Unfortunately as the Carlton & Bulldogs debacles earlier in the season prove, our mental ability in those games has been lacking for years now.

We will know how far we’ve come if we play the way we should in properly applying ourselves mentally to those matches.

Given some of those teams ahead of us play each other, if we beat Collingwood, Freo, GC, Saints & Hawks, we really should only require one win from Sydney, Richmond or Port to make it. 14 wins to get into bottom half of the 8? Think the only time that happened was 2012(?) 13 should get us there IMO and unlike last year we can hit the finals with some momentum. Either way, the season will be relatively successful if we can maintain this intensity for the remainder of the year. If we miss out, middle 6 fixture (see Collingwood dream fixture this season), better draft pick and some genuine belief going into the pre season.


We are only one win from fighting for that 8th spot and 2 wins from a seat at the table.
Win this week and people will start to take notice, lose and we will just prove to most that we aren’t anything special.


Fyfe out for a month. Sandilands 3wks.

Freo needs be demolished at Etihad.


We are currently 59 points down from 100%… and we most likely need to do a fair bit more than that.


Exactly, precisely, closely. Alot of people don’t know too many other words to use and follow the popular trend.


Did you say ‘alot’?
Haven’t read ‘alot’ a lot in that context. Maybe never.


So because some idiots use a word incorrectly, someone who uses it in the correct sense should be made fun of?


For sure. Geelong and Melbourne (8th & 7th) are 229 and 289 points above the ledger… Really need wins hey…