The Impossible Dream - wakey, wakey! - will we finish 9,10, 11 or 12th? How will the finals unfold?... Ladder predictor in OP


if we can beat colingwood in their current form there is no reason we couldnt get on a real roll and go 14-8.

if we did that percentage wouldnt matter…

personally i reallt think with port away, richmond at the G, the filth this week and even hosting Sydney in upcoming fixtures we are unlikely. just a massive mountain to climb.


If we beat Collingwood this week…

It’s on.


People keep saying if we beat Collingwood… If we beat Collingwood this week our position wont have really changed in the context that we will still have to win all the remaining games we should win plus at least 2 of Hawthorn/Sydney/Richmond/Port.
We basically have to play perfect football for 6 of the next 8 weeks… So being good enough to beat Collingwood only keeps the door ajar rather making us likely to walk through it.


We’ll beat Collingwood and lose to Gold Coast or freo

That’s how we roll


Firstly, derr.

Secondly, there is no point even dreaming about this unless we do beat Collingwood this week, and

Thirdly… Momentum. If we do win this week, against another quality opposition, for 4 wins in a row? Then we’re legitimately ‘up and about.’ And if that’s the case, it doesn’t matter who we play from here on in.


@Paul_Peos is lid ajar


Also if we beat Collingwood, we’ll have a positive win loss ledger for the first time since round 1. That’s a significant marker in itself


I’m easily seduced by running bounces and spectacular goals.


Finals…no Finals…meh

I’m just going to percolate over our sublime form since Rd.8, and marinate in the potential upcoming wins over Coll, Syd, Haw and Port (to deny them Top 4).

  • I fully concede Noonan may question my use of a couple of words in the above !


Dare to Dream


We beat pies helps, but need results to start falling our way.
last week helped with dees and cats unexpected losses.

If we can win this week and
Swans beat Cats, we will be on same points as Geelong.
Dees should account for Freo, especially given Fyfe and sandilands injuries, but it is being played in Darwin I think which may work against them.

Other game that might help is Dogs vs Hawks.
Hawks werent great the other day, or even against gold coast and Burgoynes injured.
Eagles v Giants would be better for us if Eagles can win at home. But im not confident in that.
North Should beat the suns. who have lost 5 in a row.,
IF Tigers beat the crows, we should move ahead of the crows. Tigers dont lose at the MCG.

Geelong have a hard roster coming up
Swans SCG
Crows Adelaide Oval
Demons @ Geelong
Lions @ Geelong
Richmond @ MCG
Hawks @ MCG


i honestly think we’ll make it, and win a final or two.


It’s easy to see how we could win a final should we get there, given we’ll have displayed some pretty impressive form for an extended period of time and beaten some good sides to get there… But it’s extremely unlikely to happen.


We have to beat the Pies. It’s a non negotiable. We also have to beat all of GC, Saints, Freo, Hawks. If we lose any of those we’re basically sunk. We then would probably have to win at least 1 of Sydney/Richmond/Port. It’s a huge ask and there’s no margin for error.


GWS and West Coast both have hard runs home, so I think either team losing is ok for us.
I’d prefer GWS to win, because even if they win they might not get to 13.5 wins. If West Coast loses it really brings them back into the mix of teams battling to stay in the 8.


Only Richmond, Collingwood, Sydney and Port are certain to make the 8 imo. Every other team is at risk of missing out.


So you’re saying Pies at the 'G in a Prelim?
I have a good, 1984ish, feeling about that.


I actually reckon GWS are gonna wet sail it into top 4 calculations. Which would arguably do us more favours cause they’ll knock some sides out along the way.


It’s certainly a chance. I wouldn’t be crying about it because I had a bet a few weeks ago on a GWS/Richmond grand final and it was paying $251. It’s already a lot shorter


You’ve got to be careful about having feelings in 1984. The thought police are always watching