The "Lessons" thread

Lesson No 1.

ALWAYS ensure the Sauce bottle lid is done up properly BEFORE you fking shake it!!

You’re welcome. :roll_eyes:

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Lesson No 2

Don’t squeeze the teabag too tightly with the string if you’ve left it to steep too long

Unless you want a cup full of tea leaves :roll_eyes:


Lesson No. 3:

If you think you bought a bottle of milk on the way home from work, but when you get home you can’t find it and think you must have left it at the counter, remember to look under the passenger seat.

Especially if tomorrow is a 40 degree scorcher and you aren’t going anywhere in the car.

At around 30 degrees air temp, the car will be hot enough for the milk bottle to explode, spraying milk far and wide.

Don’t ask how I know.


Should the thread title be learnings?

This is an Essendon forum after all


Have a breath mint before you put a mask on.


My wife once went shopping and accidentally left a tub of bocconcini cheese in her hatch back. It leaked, then about 3 days later the car smelled like a decaying rat. The smell lasted 3 months despite multiple efforts. We ended up trading the car in for a new one.