The List - who stays, who goes, who do we trade out

With the potential of the 12 coming back I’m starting to get confused as to what our list will look like at the end of the year. Lots of disparete discussion around about delisting etc. So thought I’d start a thread with some info and a single place for discussion.

The Rules

Three potential list structures available.

38 primary 6 cat A rookies 3 cat B rookies 47 total.

39 primary 5 cat A rookies 3 cat B rookies 47 total.

40 primary 4 cat A rookies 3 cat B rookies 47 total.

We currently have 55 players on our list including 5 cat A rookies, 1 cat B rookie and 10 single year top up players.

The 10 players I am not sure what the rules are, but I presume we would have to draft any of them, or potentially DFA sign. It does say no list access rights, so that may preclude DFA.

The List

Current contracted, listed, agreed to stay and we want to keep

  1. Baguley
  2. Bird
  3. Brown
  4. Colyer
  5. Daniher
  6. Eades
  7. Fantasia
  8. Francis
  9. Goddard
  10. Hartley
  11. Hocking
  12. Hooker
  13. Langford
  14. Laverde
  15. Luenberger
  16. McKernan
  17. Jerrett
  18. Zerrett
  19. Morgan
  20. Parish
  21. Redman
  22. Zaharakis

Banned Players we must sign/retain
23. Heppell
24. Hurley
25. Watson
26. Hibbered
27. Stanton
28. Bellchambers

Rookies we will should retain
29. Long
30. Walla
31. McKenna
32. Gach
33. Wallis

Banned players we might consider not returning
34. Howlett
35. Myers
36. Pears

Players on the fringe for delist/trade

  1. Ambrose
  2. Ashby
  3. Gleeson
  4. Gwilt
  5. Hams
  6. Kommer
  7. Cooney

Players with a foot in the grave already
2. Edwards

Top ups we would not retain/need to draft to keep

  1. Simpkin
  2. Jamar
  3. Grima
  4. Crowley
  5. Kelly
  6. Stokes
  7. Grimley
  8. Michael
  9. Polks
  10. Dea

Assuming we keep McKenna as a cat B rookies that’s up to 40 main list spots were trying to fill and 4 rookies.

Some things to remember:

  • We have no rights to the top-ups, and they have to be drafted. So if we want one, we have to draft them like anyone else in one of the ND, PSD or rookie drafts.
  • You must draft 3 players in the ND and/or PSD. Rookie upgrades no longer count. Players brought in via trade of free-agency do not count. Players drafted in the rookie draft do not count.
  • We currently have one less senior spot than is possible, and an extra rookie. So one player can be moved from rookie to senior without "taking a slot".
  • A reminder - rookies "promoted" mid-season are automatically returned to the rookie list at the end of the season. Tippa and McKenna have only temporarily been promoted. To be permanently promoted, they will need to be upgraded during the process after the season.
  • Jerrett is contracted for 2017. If a contracted player is delisted, we have to pay their salary out. If they are re-drafted as a rookie, we still have to pay them their full contract value.
  • Of the 12, Belly, Hurley, Watson, Heppell (according to Dunlop's list), Hibberd and (now) Hocking, Hooker and Colyer are all contracted.
  • The following players are out of contract ("the 12"): Stanton, Pears, Myers, Howlett,
  • The following players are out of contract (senior list): Ambrose, Ashby, Cooney, JD, Dempsey, Edwards, Gleeson, Goddard, Gwilt, Kommer, Langford, Laverde and McKernan.
  • The following players are out of contract (rookie list): McKenna, Long, Wallis, Nuyon, Hams, Walla

I do not know what the rules are with the rookies exactly, but I believe that rookies after their 2nd year can be retained for a 3rd year. But I may be wrong. This potentially impacts Long and McKenna. McKenna is a Cat B rookie, so just to make things more complicated potentially the rules might be different.

At this point in time…
Let go of Ambrose, Ashby and Kommer.
Cooney should retire. If not, given a slight nudge.
Guilt can be handy, but with Hurley and Hibberd to slot into the current back 6, he’d only be used as depth so he should be let go as well.
If Edwards can’t get a game this year, then he should also go.
Dempsey is close to being delist worthy, but I think that assessment needs to be made later on in the year once he gets more AFL games into him.
Upgrade Tippa.
If what Ants says is correct, then that gives us 5/6 senior list spots.

If Hams isn’t fit and good enough to get games this year, then unfortunately he doesn’t deserve a rookie list spot.
I don’t know how the rest of the rookies are going, but they may be worth giving another year on the rookie list.
That gives us 1 rookie list spot.

As has been said by the club, they intend to invite every one of the 11 back.
The only one I wouldn’t want back is Pears, but if he’s included then so be it.
Hopefully, players like Myers and Howlett are given one year on the list to earn their spot in the best 22. If they cannot make it for whatever reason, then they should be the first to go.

While it would be great to trade for a big fish, it isn’t essential at this point in time. I’m happy to trade out our late picks to GWS/Syd/GC/Bris for higher picks to help them get their Academy points up and give us as many shots at talent within the top 40 picks.

That gives us 5 or 6 draft picks which should be enough picks to get more young talent back into the club.

No disrespect - and clarification of the list rules may be useful -but its already a "sack/retire/trade thingy. At round 6!? With an undermanned list battling pretty hard every week? Yeah nah, we dont need this atm. So keep this thread for 10 weeks from now. At least.