The lost premiership years circa 1994 to 2001

These days I like to remember the old times, times where Essendon were still giants, still a threat still capable of winning flags, still having balls and standing up to the AFL ( see 2013 when we lost our soul ). 94 to 2001 interesting times where it was a period we won 1 flag and all things going well we probably should of won 4. 96, 99 and 2001. How things conspire against a team I just think with so much a grade talent reaching peak period, we just did not make the most of what should of been a premiership dynasty period for the dons that between 93 and 2001 we should of netted 5 flags. 93, 96, 99,00, 01 maybe 6 if you include the 95 semi final choke against richmond. Hird, wanganeen, Mercuri, Fletcher, Hird, Lucas , the sledge, bewick, long, misiti, JJ, MJ, Solly, dimma, there is some a grade talent. How the hell did we let that era slip. Anyway there my thoughts. Your thoughts are more than welcome…

I think you might be misreading the room tonight Joan.


96 wasn’t our year.

Losing Wanganeen to Port and Hird to injury in the late 90s probably robbed us of one.

Not misreading anything. Just miss the old Essendon. The ruthless bastards we use to be and everyone use to hate. These days everyone just laughs at us. Only a flag is gonna fix that.

Needs more Carrotsalad.

Wasn’t you first post on the fact we weren’t ruthless and underperformed?

Why? We all know.

Why? Losing two prelims by under a goal. 99, etc. etc. etc.

Why? We all know.

No we are not ruthless these days we soft very soft. The old Essendon were tough bastards.

Mate we are ■■■■ ,underperformed for the best part of 20 years and if you think otherwise your under 20.

Ok then

Dear Joan:

We are all very much aware.

Thanks. Everyone here.


No I don’t know explain. With the the squad we had we should of won more flags circa the era in mention. How the fark we lost to a ■■■■ Carlton you tell me after getting out by 3 goals? How the fark we gave up a 2 goal lead a with 3 minutes to go against sydney in 96 you tell me? How the fark we gave up a 5 goal lead against Richmond, U tell me? 20 points up on Brisbane deep in the second quarter in the gf give that up too. U tell me? We were positi ons to win all those games, so justify each loss? Smartarse

But I thought we were ruthless back then, im confused.


Easily confused preliminary work it out fhead. Not a fan of smartarses


If you don’t know why we lost in 2001, you don’t know much about football

Why did we lose 99? Against a shitheap. I know about 01 injuries whatever but we were up by 14 at half time. We shoud have found a way to win. But 99 enlighten me. Justify that loss?

Why don’t you respond to my question first?

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Dear Joan: we all have these moments. We all know we should have done better, or wish we had. I’m not sure bringing it up at this point makes any difference, especially for people who all feel the same way. I’m not a “smartarse”, I’m just responding to a strangely timed post, lamenting what we’ve all, already lamented a million times.

Re. those loses: I don’t know the answer, but it often has to do with the other team as much as us. There is a quote, I don’t know who coined it: “The only thing that makes football hard is, the other team”.

Otherwise, if you haven’t realised, everyone here loves the EFC. And we are all talking about how good we were, and how good we should have been, or should be now, all the time. We all hurt for our football team - or at least most of us here do.

FWIW: those prelims where we lost by a point after the siren etc… they were as bad as 99.


Tell me about 1948 too. It’ll make me feel better.