The Luenberger Mystery


Does anyone know why he didn’t play in the VFL at the weekend?

He doesn’t appear in the injury list and the club seems tight-lipped.


That’s 2 games in a row he’s missed


This is worse than my stoned Josh Kelly Bump.


Busy playing Fortnite.


Worst Agatha Christine novel ever


Berger She Wrote.


For the esports team?


Maybe his achilles flared again.
No knowledge, purely a guess


I agree: it is a mystery how to spell his name.


He is probably protesting until people learn to spell his name

Edit: I should have learnt not to go up against the fastest fingers in the west


I think @Paul_Cousins mentioned on the Sash podcast that Luey was at the VFL game on Dreamtime Saturday supporting the boys. That’s commitment.


For Team Burgersniff


And why is @jackie_mihocek posting here when his kid is killing Melbourne at the MCG?


The mystery of the missing “e”?


Bring back Patrick Bombers


This is one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time.


Hanging out with Melania Trump


I’m losing sleep over this


Number one hit on Google.


I see a series of novels, followed by screen plays for a new detective character out of left field.

The Leuenberger Mysteries

Murder, Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll in the age of social media.

Starring Mark Rylance as Luenberger, the quiet, intense, cold and calculating crime detective with an incisive intellect who sets traps to catch the perpetrators, ably assisted by his daffy, smouldering but clever blonde assistant.