The Luenberger Mystery


Sounds more like a Sherlock Holmes story


With a special appearance by Donnington as …?


The creepy guy who becomes #1 suspect when a good-looking, professional sportsman goes missing.


Too obvious. There’s always a twist


Hercule Poirot



Donnington is the good looking professional sportsman?


The kidnapper is really heffsgirl, and she’s framing Donnington?




Luke Hodge on the grassy knoll


haven’t seen wheely bin out at training for a while either?


Now that is actually wheely alarming.



So where’s the Luenieburger wheely bin?


This thread is spectacular.


Can we have a photo fit of the missing wheelie bin please? Put it’s picture on a milk carton?
And is Looney working undercover?
Still no sightings of either.


Except Sherlock Holmes + Watson is a bit homosocial ( not that there is anything wrong with that). Put a stunning blonde in it and appeal to a wider audience, even at the risk of “dumb blonde” stereotype criticism. Anyway no one could be as brilliant as Sherlock Holmes. Female intuition, however, could be woven into such a premise to make the dumb blonde and detective a complimentary team.




The famous Case of the Bitten Pillow with a sequel The Lifted Shirt Mystery


Enjoyed this clever, amusing, creative thread.


VFL commentators just said he’s had achilles tightness and was rested for a few weeks.