The Lunchtime Catch up Podcast Geel v Ess AFL and VFL review

Here it is!!! The Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast happy review of the Essendon wins in both the AFL and VFL. Sponsor of the week i will not mention🤪


ITunes link below. Hope you like

By the way thanks for all your feedback recently. Much appreciated. Let me know if you want us to try and get a certain guest for the show

Really enjoying the podcast guys… What about getting James on as a guest.

Yeh it’s a tough one as we don’t want to come across rude when he has a podcast. I have put little mentions to Ralphy but will see how it goes. If not just happy he is doing well

MSM podcasts (which they are face it) don’t understand the collaborative nature of small time podcasts sharing etc.

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Get a “Where are they now” segement…try find Paul Thomas, Mark Bolton, Andrew Lovett…ETC


That is a great idea… I’d like to hear that. Plus, you would never run out of potential guests.

Good idea… in case you may of missed we did a catch up with Joe Misiti last year. See below

Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Show

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Yes always wanted Mercuri on show

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Bro I never miss ya show

Enjoyed the much more positive tone of this weeks podcast, keep up the great work guys

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Just subscribed fellas. Nice job. Ironically I can’t get Hird and Crawford’s via Google on Android like yours. You are number 3 but more accessible :grinning:

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Thanks we hope to be more like this

Cheers for that. Appreciate the support

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