The Merge

Watching The Merge on Foxtel, I remember 96 so fondly, we were just hitting our straps… anyway I know we joke about the Kangas and doggies, but do you ever think it will honestly happen again?

Eg are we going to look back on Gold Coast in the current years and think they should have merged years ago?

The only way GC and GWS are gonna work in non AFL states is by merging with some Vic teams.

Sydney/South Melbourne and Brisbane/Fitzroy are examples of this working.

Clubs are nothing without its supporters, something both clubs have neither of.

North and Doggies will not be around in 10 years. You read it here first.

GWS is working just fine. Over 20k Membership, winning games, they could overtake those other lower ranked Melbourne teams within 10 years.

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That is with a very competitive team. Wait till they stop winning. Also 20,000 memberships does not mean 20,000 supporters. Half of those are AFL owned.

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Think they’ve got 30k this year… that’s massive. Was listening to Gavin Robertson talking about the early years of that club on SEN yesterday. He speaks glowingly of Sheedy and Craig Lambert and the impact that they’ve had on the club and the players. Was an awesome interview.

He spoke with such passion about creating a legacy - if there are blokes in the club like him then they are going to be fine


That was a great interview. Interesting that Robertson didn’t have a great handle on AFL and was so inspired by Sheeds that he got involved and it’s now like a second home.

Anyone that talks on GWS always mention the impact that the Lamberts have/had.

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The sides that run out on game days are the most visible aspect of GWS and GC (obviously) but it’s what they’re doing behind the scenes that really matters. Both clubs are making significant gains in junior participation in areas where there wasn’t previously. And it isn’t an easy task. there is limited infrastructure in these regions, particularly in western Sydney. Anyway, the point of expansion into these areas is to generate interest in AFL. If the boys and girls are playing, their parents start watching and ultimately more eyes tune in on TV. More people watching, more money from the broadcasters.

That’s what’s happening here.

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It still wouldn’t surprise me if a Melbourne club got merged with GC some time in the future, particularly if the AFL ever takes the idea of a Tassie team seriously.

I agree.

People downplay grass roots footy in Sydney.

Lot of people have a lot of time for Aussie rules on the nsw tablelands, canberra.

Its just recognising gws.

Footy in sydney has been the swans for as long as most sydney siders can remember.

Also look at the state of NRL, it is hurting massively. A lot of the old suburban clubs are losing money hand over fist, small crowds, continual scandals involving the players and the most successful team of the last 15 years is based in Melbourne.

I don’t think it’ll happen. GWS will work eventually it’s just a matter of how long. A premiership would give them a boost

Suns… it’s tough but as mentioned above afl is infiltrating nrl territory in junior ranks they’ll wait them out.

If they ever get serious about tassie they can strongarm norf to move there but the perpetual question will be where they base themselves out of hobart/launceston

GWS are working. You can’t measure success for them as the same as Richmond or a big club with 100 years of history. What they have got in less than 10 is impressive.

They are looked at as a real football club, Gold ■■■■■ on the other hand are rooted.


I’m glad you said it first, because I’m pretty’s it’s nobody has ever said anything like that before. Groundbreaking!

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Yep. Even though it was ridiculed at the time, getting Sheedy was the best move that GWS could have made. He’s created a culture and that’s the most important thing when starting a club.

You’re just jealous that you weren’t the first to say it!

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Where are the 20k going through the gate.

Gil family Xmas;

“Awwww dad, not another membership… I go for Essendon to spite you you polo playing, foppish hat wearing, condescending prick. Wish I was adopted.”


GWS have a 20k mailing list.

No way they’d have 20k members.

TV Rights etc mean the league has to have 18 teams. So 1 goes, 1 has to come in.

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An unrivalled legacy built across what he has achieved at 3 clubs. Not even Barassi can equal that.

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Why so ?